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I'm Still Cracking Up After Listening To Pete Davidson Explain Exactly Why He And Machine Gun Kelly Fell Off The "SNL" Stage Last Season

"He went to pick me up and he couldn't, so he just started to slowly tilt back."

Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly's friendship is generally characterized by a mix of wholesome moments and absurd shenanigans.

MGK and Pete on the red carpet for the premiere of Big Time Adolescence

Like, MGK once agreed that he'd be "down" for Pete to serve as best man at his and Megan Fox's hypothetical wedding, but he also declared the tattoo (yes, tattoo) that his buddy apparently gave him on the set of Big Time Adolescence "the worst" ink he's received to date.

MGK and Pete's endearingly ludicrous BFF dynamic legitimately took center stage during the rapper's guest appearance on Saturday Night Live in January. As the credits rolled, MGK squatted down in an ostensible effort to lift Pete off the ground, but both stars ended up tumbling off the edge of the platform.

Nine months after the incident, Pete explained exactly what went down during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday.

Pete wearing a cardigan and floral print pants during his interview

Needless to say, the story involved some pretty personal details about his friend and the injury that preceded his onstage fall.

"He bruised his coccyx that week," Pete told Jimmy Fallon. "If you don't know what a coccyx is, it's the bone in your ass."

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"He couldn't walk or sit. He had a tushie pillow," the comedian continued, adding that it was "really cool" to see a guy who looks and acts like MGK "just put a little tushie pillow down and sit."

"It's just like, Megan Fox is right there and he's sitting on his little tushie pillow."

As for the tumble: "He got really excited and he went to pick me up, and he forgot he had a bruised coccyx. ... So he went to pick me up and he couldn't go up, so he just started to slowly tilt back."

Pete remembered the accident happening slowly. "It was such a slow fall, we had time for him to go, 'Oh no!'"

Pete's recollection of this is honestly really funny, but I'm also glad both he and MGK were OK. Check out his full Tonight Show appearance here, or in the clip above.