A Bunch Of Comedy Legends Stopped By "SNL" To Induct John Mulaney Into The Five Timers Club

    Fifth time's the charm!

    John Mulaney hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time last night, thus becoming a member of the Five Timers Club.

    Usually, when a host joins the Five Timers Club, they celebrate the momentous occasion during the opening monologue. But this being John Mulaney, the monologue was obviously going to be standup, so the Five Timers sketch came later in the show.

    The sketch started with fellow Five Timers Steve Martin and Candice Bergen commenting on how the episode was going so far. With them was Paul Rudd, who was recently inducted into the club in December.

    Tina Fey was back too, as well as Elliott Gould, who became a five timer back in 1980 and co-starred on John Mulaney's sitcom Mulaney.

    The gathered Five Timers wondered if the club was still special given how many members are in it now (22!) and if there was even room for John.

    Then Conan O'Brien — not a Five Timer, but still cool — came in and got the biggest applause of the night, which made me happy.

    Conan was easily the funniest part of the sketch, which made me wonder why he has only hosted SNL once.

    Paul ended up taking one for the team and gave John his fancy Five Timers smoking jacket.

    But don't worry, it doesn't look like Paul is actually getting kicked out of the club.

    NBC/twitter: @nbcsnl

    You can watch the whole sketch right here!

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