What The Rest Of The World Thinks You Do

What does the rest of the world think you do for a living compared with what you actually do for a living? This concept is going around the ol' Internet a bit right now, so let's take it out for a spin. Use the template to add your own in the comments!

Jack Shepherd • 6 years ago

Octopus Chair

Spanish artist Maximo Riera designed this limited edition piece, part of a larger collection entitled "The Animal Chair."

BABYDIABOLICAL • 6 years ago

Amazing Cut-Out Portraits

Brazilian artist Lucas C. Simões created these by overlapping layers of the same photo on top of each other. You can see more at the artist's Flickr page. (Via Official Hype)

OfficialHypeEditor • 6 years ago

Dinosaucy (NSFW)

Artist Josean Rivera displays the the peculiar juxtaposition of dinosaur and girls with his illustrations. You'll never look at dinosaurs the same way again.

mrmister • 6 years ago