How People See Me And What People Think I Do

The “How People See Me/What People Think I Do” meme is the new “Shit ___ People Say” on Facebook. Seriously, I see at least a couple new ones everyday on my feed, so I’ve collected the best/worst for your viewing pleasure.

Know Your Meme tells me that it was started by Garnet Hertz on Facebook.

ID: 125201

Then the remixes ran wild!

ID: 125205

Okay… this is slowly becoming ridiculous…

ID: 123778

Okay… where is this going…?

ID: 125215

Yup. We’re totally obscure now.

ID: 123776

Let’s go even more obscure! Yes, there is even one for lolita clothes. (It’s street fashion from Japan and nothing to do with the novel by Nabokov.)

ID: 123803

I made one for BuzzFeed, I guess.

ID: 125272

Alright, back to being funny again!

ID: 123788

Ok, I’m spent. Meme over.

ID: 125226

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