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    51 Uplifting Facts That Prove The World Isn't Such A Bad Place

    Heartwarming things happen more often than you think.

    1. More than 11,000 Make-A Wish Foundation volunteers helped 5-year-old Batkid fulfill his dream of saving Gotham/San Francisco.

    2. A man in Canada walked into a Tim Horton's, bought a coffee for himself, and then bought coffee for the next 500 customers.

    3. A woman in London opened a cat café to give shelter cats a stable place to live, and cat lovers a way to play with them.

    4. Random acts of kindness happen every day:

    5. When Tommy, a 10-year-old quarterback, found out that his team's water boy, Danny, a 6-year-old with a speech impediment, was being bullied at school, Tommy recruited 40 of his friends to stand up to the bullies.

    6. Pope Francis has continued to make cold calls to people who write him in distress, pray with the sick, and has urged Catholics not to judge gay men and women.


    7. Despite being shot in the head as part of an assassination attempt, 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai recovered, was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, and continues to fight for women's rights.

    8. Almost 35 years after robbing a man, Michael Goodman apologized to him on Facebook and found forgiveness.

    9. A grandfather wrote a scathing letter to his daughter after she kicked her gay son out of the house.

    10. Shrek, a dog who was abandoned in the woods and left for dead, found a new home and someone to care for him.

    Facebook: ParkRoadVeterinaryClinic

    Shrek when he was found.

    Facebook: ParkRoadVeterinaryClinic

    Shrek in his new home, and in a new sweater.

    11. A baby in Mississippi born with HIV was "functionally cured."

    12. A group of 15 people with Down syndrome took the time to create a video and reassure a future mom who's worried about the kind of life her Down syndrome baby will have.

    13. After an Iraqi War vet retired from service, he flew to Germany to adopt his K9 partner and bring him home.

    14. An 11-year-old boy with Asperger's syndrome said he didn't want a birthday party because he has "no friends." So the Kalamazoo Wings did him one better and offered him a pro-hockey contract for the day.

    Chuck Miller / Via

    15. A dog saved the lives of his new family from a gas leak just two weeks after being adopted.

    16. A Dutch artist turned the ocean into one giant bathtub when he commissioned a 40-foot-tall rubber ducky to sail through various cities.

    17. A whopping 428 employees from a Massachusetts company shaved their heads and raised over $2 million for cancer research.

    18. A 5-year-old girl accidentally broke a trinket in a Christmas store and wrote an apology letter with money to replace it.

    19. A woman who was adopted found her long lost sisters through Facebook after putting up a post.

    20. A woman in Illinois performed a random act of kindness when she gifted three waitresses with a $5,000 tip each.

    21. After delivering pizzas at this year's Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres gave the delivery man a $1,000 tip.

    22. Stockings the cat was born with a defect that left him unable to walk, but thanks to the generosity of one clinic, he was given life-changing surgery that allows him to, and he found a forever home!

    23. Some 200 retired Japanese engineers volunteered to help fix the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power station and be subjected to radiation so that young people wouldn't have to.

    24. This past Christmas, a Florida man walked into a Walmart and paid off $20,000 in other families' layaway items for the holidays.

    25. Colleen Wogernese is performing 318 random acts of kindness this year to honor her husband Chad's memory after he lost his 318-day battle with cancer.

    26. Colleen is accomplishing her goal with the help of Cathy O'Grady, who has been performing random acts of kindness in Boston for the past two years by trying to help the homeless with bags full of supplies.

    27. After an elephant demolished a home in India, it heard a 10-month-old baby girl crying in the debris, and it returned to rescue her from it.

    28. Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo donated $83,000 to pay for a 10-month-old boy's surgery.

    29. A woman found a teddy bear on a London train and launched an internet campaign to find the owner. Within two days, the bear was returned to the little girl who lost it.

    30. A struggling math student captured the moment when his father found out he'd passed his exams, and it was incredibly sweet.

    31. Before Deborah's double mastectomy, she asked her medical team to dance to Beyoncé's "Get Me Bodied" to help her start the healing process. It seems to have worked, as she's on the road to recovery.

    View this video on YouTube

    32. When a World War II vet passed away with no close family or friends to attend his funeral, hundreds of strangers showed up to pay their respects.

    33. A news anchor was reunited with the young man she helped find an adoptive home for.

    34. A dying teen was granted her final wish of going to the prom, and she was crowned Prom Queen.

    Michael Dayah

    35. After a blind man was kicked off of a US Airways flight because his service dog was getting restless — the plane had been delayed for an hour — passengers rallied behind him and the entire flight had to be canceled.

    36. An Oklahoma tornado survivor was reunited with her missing dog in the middle of a live interview.

    37. A New York City police officer bought boots for a barefoot homeless man.

    38. Tim Harris, a man with Down syndrome, opened a restaurant that specializes in giving the customers hugs.

    View this video on YouTube

    39. When a little boy became convinced that wearing his glasses would get him bullied at school, people on the internet sent videos and words of encouragement to help him realize that glasses are cool.

    40. A man found $98,000 in a desk he bought off of Craigslist, and he returned all of the money.

    41. A woman stopped to keep a homeless man dry during a downpour.

    42. A woman put free kiddie pools in her front yard as a gift to dog owners so their pets wouldn't overheat in the summer.

    43. A man in New Jersey offered free dry cleaning for the unemployed.

    44. High school Special Olympics athletes were honored with letterman jackets at their school.

    45. After losing a match, a high school wrestler hugged his opponent's father, who's battling cancer, because he'd lost his own father at a young age.

    46. Passengers on a flight worked together to save a baby who had stopped breathing.

    47. Online donations helped a family reach their goal of buying a new car to help transport their son Van, a 6-year-old with muscular dystrophy. It took less than two weeks.

    Here's Van performing "Ho Hey!" at a muscular dystrophy event:

    View this video on YouTube

    48. $10,000 worth of flowers were sent to a nursing home from an anonymous donor.

    49. Baby Mateo had a 1% chance of finding a bone marrow donor for his much needed surgery, but he finally found a match.

    50. A 7-year-old boy has raised $750,000 to help pay for the medical treatments his best friend needs.

    51. An animal shelter in Pennsylvania started a program where kids learn to read by reading to shelter cats.

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