Dying Teen Gets Her Wish Of Going To Prom

This is seriously going to make you cry.

Katelyn Norman, 14, has had bone cancer since 2011. On March 19, she found out the diagnosis is terminal, and was told that she likely won’t live long enough to see her prom night.

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Going to prom had always been something on Katelyn’s bucket list. So when the news spread of her dying wish, her small Tennessee town decided that if she couldn’t come to prom, they’d bring the prom to her.

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Her classmates came to the hospital, and with the help of the nurses, decorated a room with pictures and memorabilia of Katelyn’s accomplishments.

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Jacob, her date, brought Katelyn a corsage and dressed in a white tuxedo.

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And since every prom has a theme, this one was Katelyn in the Sky with Diamonds.

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Thousands of people from Katelyn’s 7,420 population town came out to support her.

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And since not all of them could fit in the hospital prom room, they held a candlelight vigil for her outside.

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Katelyn was crowned the prom queen, and given a sash and tiara by her date.

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Katelyn’s family celebrated the special occasion with her, including her father, who gave her a kiss at the end of the night.

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Katelyn passed away today from her illness, but you can visit her fundraiser page and read more about her incredible life.

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