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25 Badass Couple Costumes From Comic-Con You Need To See

Gandalf giving Legolas a piggyback ride, for starters.

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3. And then there's Doc Brown and Marty, just desperate to get Back to the Future.

7. These two, keeping it 💯with their Dragon Ball Z Saiyan battle armor.

10. And even more Mad Max: Fury Road goodness from Nux and Immortan Joe.

11. The two most elusive people on the planet in one room!

Where in the world is Waldo San Diego!?

12. Nothing but abs of steel with this 300 couple.

Also thighs and arms of steel, respectively.


13. The Tick and Arthur, unwinding after a long day at the Con.

14. This steampunk version of Edward Scissorhands and Groot (who better watch its head)!

15. A TARDIS and The Doctor, because obviously this had to happen.

16. Red and Alex from Orange Is the New Black made a prison break.

Luckily, the folks at Litchfield probably didn't notice.


17. Watch out for Arno Dorian and Connor Kenway from Assassin's Creed. They'll get ya. Look at those weapons.

18. This absolutely epic Constantine and Minecraft mashup.

19. From Silent Hill, there's Pyramid Head and the Nurse.

20. Don't start crying, but check out this Up cosplay.

21. Meanwhile, Gandalf gave a very generous piggyback ride to Legolas.

22. The Tyrell's representing their family at Comic-Con.

This cosplay duo is care of Kaylynn Drott and JoLynn Drott!

23. These Ewoks are cute as all hell.

24. There was a super subtle Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy cosplay happening here.

25. And a more on the nose Harley Quinn with fierce AF Storm.