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27 Ingenious Ways To Decorate Your Graduation Cap

What, like it's hard?

1. Ah, college...

2. The drinking...

3. The all-nighters...

4. You're not denying anything about your experience.

5. Because, obviously:

6. So, whatever, maybe you ended up at a liberal arts college.

7. BUT FRET NOT, because you're:

8. You know that:

9. And that you've never looked better.

10. Because you:

11. You know who got you here.

12. And, well, you know what comes next.

13. You learned that:

14. And also that:

15. College really taught you a lot.

16. So now you can start pursuing your dreams.

17. And making a difference.

18. Because:

19. And you totally know what you're doing next.

20. As soon as you get done taking pictures.

21. No one will even need to tell you how to pose because:

22. You have:

23. And you know that your heart will always be your guide.

24. So:

25. And don't forget:

26. Because:

27. And well, because: