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    27 Things You Will Never Look At The Same Way Again

    Can NEVER unsee.

    1. This is how hair models get their hair to flip in shampoo commercials.

    2. The mouth of a horse mask looks like a screaming frog head.

    3. This is how a cashew grows:

    4. The Toblerone logo has a bear hidden in it.

    5. Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist are synonyms.

    6. Ducks look like they're permanently wearing tiny dog masks on their faces.

    7. This is how brick walkways are paved.

    8. Oprah's real name is Orpah.

    9. Pineapples don't grow on trees, they grow on bushes.

    10. The Sunkist logo actually says Sinkist.

    11. Luigi's mustache makes it look like he's wearing a bra on his face.

    12. Matthew Perry lost part of his middle finger after shutting it in a door.

    13. Pi backwards spells "pie."

    14. Dog paws are hiding secret fluffy teddy bears.

    15. Baby carrots are just normal, regular-sized carrots shaved down.

    16. A percent symbol looks like something you used to draw on bathroom stalls in middle school.

    17. The Wendy's logo seems to spell out "Mom" in the collar, although the company insists this is unintentional.

    18. This is how a Muppeteer operates Big Bird:

    19. The KFC logo looks like a stick figure with an enormous head.

    20. Every exit sign has a house on it.

    21. If you turn the Americas on their side, they look like a duck.

    22. Every day at 3:13, the king of time makes an appearance.

    23. We all have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on our faces.

    24. No Smoking signs are one line away from a much sadder restriction.

    25. One of David Bowie's eyes is permanently dilated.

    26. The word "bed" kind of looks like one.

    27. And finally, the only reason you exist is because your sweet, adorable grandparents did the nasty.