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The 19 Best Autocorrect Fails Of 2015

Another year, another tragic misuse of technology.

1. If that's what you're into:

2. Extra large with sausage, please:

3. An honest mistake:

4. Ouch:

5. Nothing but the best:

6. Get it, Momma:

7. Sounds like they're more than a friend:

8. She did WHAT:

9. Jebus can't save you:

10. Please see a doctor:

11. We heard you the first time:

12. She's definitely not a registered nurse:

13. A lot going on here:

14. Just following orders:

15. Suuuuuure:

16. Wait, are you done?

17. Sounds like you're not getting in:

18. 😏😏😏:

19. "Beautiful" only on the outside, apparently:

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