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23 People Who Have Life Figured Out

These visionaries walk among us.

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1. This parent of the year.

2. This bird taking a free ride.

3. This kid who has his life plan figured out.

4. This dreamer of dreams.


5. This short-cutter of chores.

6. Tony Hawk.

"This is what happens when my kids fight over videogames."

7. Whoever thought of this low cost anti-stress machine.

8. This truthful advertiser.


9. This kid that figured out a loophole to Christmas.

10. This patient who knows what she wants.

And gets what she wants.

11. This realistic Smart car owner.

12. This guy who understands the importance of hydration and an even base tan.


13. This guy who knows how to spend Christmas Eve.

14. This dude who has reached peak relaxation.

15. The man who lost his razor handle but not his ingenuity.

16. These savvy holiday decorators.


17. These dogs who figured out the most efficient way to get home.

18. This party goer who gave the gift of DIY.

19. This line painter who couldn't be bothered.

20. Tom Hanks, when he found the best place to display his award.


21. This young buck with big ideas.

22. This store that knows honesty is the best policy.

23. And this girl who figured out the secret to happiness.