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    26 Things You Never Noticed In "Wayne's World"

    Party time! Excellent!

    1. The sparks that shoot out of the electrical equipment in the first two minutes of the film foreshadow the house fire in the finale.

    2. Benjamin is hooking up with a Shakey's Pizza waitress in the first scene.

    3. This character's name is never spoken once in the film, despite him being one of Wayne and Garth's best friends. He's credited as Neil.

    4. The red vine dispenser is in the Mirth Mobile from the first scene, which means it wasn't purchased with the advance Benjamin paid them, they just really love red vine.

    5. Garth doesn't know the words to "Bohemian Rhapsody."

    6. Officer Koharski may be named after hockey player Don Koharski, who famously got told to "Eat another donut, you fat pig!" by his manager in Game 3 of the '88 Stanley Cup Finals.

    7. Koharski gets cut off in the middle of his body cavity search story because Phil gets nauseous, but he flips a coin right as the scene cuts probably to indicate he found it in a dude's butt.

    8. You can clearly see Stan Mikita's Donut Shop outside the window even though the scene is supposed to take place inside it.

    9. Terry is already suspicious of Old Man Withers when we first meet him.

    10. Stacey's necklace spells "WAYNE."

    11. Meatloaf has a cameo as the bouncer outside Gasworks.

    12. You can see the Jolly Green Giants waiting to take the stage after Cassandra finishes her set.

    13. February 3, 1959 is known as "The Day The Music Died" because Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. Richardson died in a plane crash that day. Perhaps the Mirth Mobile's license plate references a time when music was still alive and well.

    14. When Wayne is learning Cantonese he keeps repeating "Chi só hái bīn douh a?" which translates to "Where is the toilet?" It's also the phrase he uses to hang up with Cassandra's dad in Wayne's World 2.

    15. The photos on Garth's bedroom wall are stills from SNL.

    16. Garth and Wayne are neighbors.

    17. The robo-hand Garth is working on is programmed to kill Benjamin, which is why it reaches for Benjamin when he mentions changing the setup of Wayne's World.

    18. The three notes Wayne plays during the "No Stairway" gag isn't actually the opening riff to "Stairway to Heaven." They couldn't get the rights.

    19. Garth is actually playing the drums in this scene. You can tell by the vibrations in the bass drum (and because Dana Carvey is a talented musician).

    20. Garth is reading a children's illustrated encyclopedia when Wayne is explaining the Dick-York-Sargent connection.

    21. The guy who complains to Glen that he's been laid off worked at Channel 10.

    22. Garth doesn't have a glass when the group cheers to Benjamin so he improvises.

    23. Garth is wearing his taser belt at the Alice Cooper show.

    24. There's a ouija board visible directly after the Alice Cooper cameo. Alice Cooper is rumored to have found his stage name by consulting a ouija board.

    25. The "This man has no penis" line may be a callback to Bill Murray's "This man has no dick" line in Ghostbusters. The line is referencing Noah Vanderhoff, who is played by Brian Doyle-Murray, Bill's real life brother.

    26. Multiple sources say there is a brownie recipe in the credits, but I have watched this film an unhealthy amount of times and I've never seen it. Please comment below if you know anything about this mysterious brownie recipe!