Cliché Movie Posters We're Tired Of Seeing

    Attention Hollywood: We're onto your shenanigans.

    Goofy group of characters framed by long lady legs.


    Minimalism in yellow.

    Who knew Jason Statham looked so good in yellow?

    Tilted scene of a lone man running down a street.

    Add the color blue for psychological DEPTH!

    Objects making up a face.


    Closely cropped portrait overlaid with sans serif font.

    Eye contact is essential here.

    Back view of hero wielding a deadly weapon of choice.

    "Don't look at me. I've done some thangs."

    Sassy couple leaning back-to-back.

    Especially if you're Matthew McConaughey.

    Intense black-and-white action photo peppered with flames.

    Often featuring a souped-up automobile.

    People looking generally uncomfortable in bed.

    Physical comfort but emotional discomfort... deep.

    Uncomfortably tight shot of an eyeball.

    Really any kind of eye will do—human, alien, DOLL—as long as it is painfully close up.

    Lady in a red dress.

    I bet she's saucy.

    Or pink.

    I bet she's relatable!

    Unexplained people floating in the sky above the ocean.

    Kiss me like we're two large, disembodied heads in the clouds.

    Aaand every Nicholas Sparks novel-to-movie poster of two people almost kissing:

    Srsly, Nicholas Sparks? SRSLY?