Maternity Leave Teacher/Mom
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  • 5 Ways Teachers Are Just Like Their Students

    To a student we teachers can seem a bit out of touch and hard to relate to at times. We are making students raise their hands before shouting out answers, asking for quiet during testing times, not allowing EVERY single request for bathrooms and drinks as we have to teach SOME moments of the day, and on and on! However, what our students might not know is how similar we really are…

  • 5 Holiday Gifts For The GIRL Who Has EVERYTHING!

    The holiday season is upon us! Stores are soon to be flooded with holiday shoppers looking to snag that perfect gift for that perfect friend, neighbor, family member…look no further and spend no time driving! The perfect gifts for that school-age girl are right here:

  • 5-Christmas Gifts For That BABY That Already Has EVERYTHING

    Christmas has hit the local hardware store, Walgreens, Michaels, Hobby Lobby-it is October 31st!!! Lists were started by my own kiddos about mid-July! The spirit is here and all are getting excited ALREADY! My youngest BABE already seems to have everything, but grandmas and grandpas want a list of things for my almost 8-month old. Here is a list of a few things that he would LOVE and I am sure others would too:

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