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5 Ways Teachers Are Just Like Their Students

To a student we teachers can seem a bit out of touch and hard to relate to at times. We are making students raise their hands before shouting out answers, asking for quiet during testing times, not allowing EVERY single request for bathrooms and drinks as we have to teach SOME moments of the day, and on and on! However, what our students might not know is how similar we really are...

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Concepts BORE us too!

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Teachers are enthusiastic individuals. We do crazy things to encourage students to help them learn material. However, it can be a challenge to always LOVE the content being taught. Some days the nitty gritty just has to be taught and learned and we teachers aren't thrilled about it either! We promise to make learning as fun as possible, but bear with us on the "borophyll" days!

Teachers can't wait for OUTSIDE RECESS either!

If you think we want to keep students trapped inside a school building longer than necessary, you might be crazy! I speak on behalf of elementary school teachers, but I am sure if middle school and high schools had recess, teachers would be ecstatic for that too! Sometimes monitoring this duty can be CRAZY, for sure. Injuries happen, gossiping stinks, and fights break out of no where! For that 20-30 minute snippet of time, we need you to get out into the open air- run, jump, talk, laugh, chase, kick, throw, climb! Get it ALL out of your system because we have lots more to teach you, and we know you need to get your energy out!

Tests stress TEACHERS out too!

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State tests are an EVERY DAY stressor for teachers. We know that we have taught the material, it has been learned, and you are prepared and ready. However, we ALL get nervous anyway!

Two words...SNOW DAY!

Watching the news the night of a BIG storm is like playing the lottery! All stars must somehow align for the GRAND PRIZE! The snow needs to fall at the right time and the roads need to be horrifying when the superintendent is out and about deciding what call to make. The BIG prize... seeing those glorious words (your school's name) followed by CLOSED scrolling across the bottom of the news channel screen. (Hopefully the night before!!) Teachers adore these days, maybe even a little more than students!

Teachers would love a BREAK, too, but...

School days are jam-packed for sure! Learning periods can be quite lengthy-over 100 minute blocks in my building. I would love to use the restroom or take a break myself, but there is lots of learning to be done! So, sorry, if I am here teaching without taking hourly trips around the building and to the restroom, you will be doing the same. Unless it is an emergency, of course!

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