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5-Christmas Gifts For That BABY That Already Has EVERYTHING

Christmas has hit the local hardware store, Walgreens, Michaels, Hobby Lobby-it is October 31st!!! Lists were started by my own kiddos about mid-July! The spirit is here and all are getting excited ALREADY! My youngest BABE already seems to have everything, but grandmas and grandpas want a list of things for my almost 8-month old. Here is a list of a few things that he would LOVE and I am sure others would too:

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Climbing Blocks...

These climbing mat/blocks might be the coolest thing for a little one learning to crawl and climb...the bigger siblings might have some fun on these too. During these inside cold months, these will be perfect for getting some energy out, for sure!

Hooray for kids music that adults CAN tolerate!

Don't get me wrong, there are some awesome children's artists our there like Justin Roberts, Laurie Berkner, and Ellizabeth Mitchell. There are also a bunch of CDs like this that are lullaby renditions of FAVORITE artists. If you don't like Bob Marley you can choose from artists like: The Pixies, Tool, U2, The Beatles, etc. Much more tolerable than Barney!!!

Jesus...a Christmas Essential

We actually have this and it is a hit with my kids. I can't say it is always as perfectly organized as the above image...Mary has been known to take some rides on a fire truck or on the roof of a blaring toy ambulance, but it is a great tool to help kids begin to understand the birth of Jesus.

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