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5 Holiday Gifts For The GIRL Who Has EVERYTHING!

The holiday season is upon us! Stores are soon to be flooded with holiday shoppers looking to snag that perfect gift for that perfect friend, neighbor, family member...look no further and spend no time driving! The perfect gifts for that school-age girl are right here:

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Must Have #1: Mother/Daughter Aprons

Cooking during the holiday months provides a fun opportunity for bonding time. Whether you choose to actually cook or bake for family, friends, or guests is optional, but these aprons will certainly make a mother/daughter duo look like celebrity chefs.

Must Have #2: President Girl's T-Shirt

We could use a little change around here...why not generate some votes for a candidate with a new perspective?! That niece, granddaughter, daughter, neighbor girl in your life might just be our future POTUS!

Must Have #3: Night Before Christmas... Personalized Book

My children LOVE read to be read to. This book that incorporates that special girl's or boy's name will be a book that stays in regular rotation whether it is the holidays or just a cozy, snuggle up and read Tuesday night. This is the PERFECT Christmas Eve gift to open right before bed.

Must Have #4: Shrinky Dinks Charms and Trinkets

You have to remember the fun of Shrinky Dinks as a kid?! Take a walk down memory lane with that special girl that you gift this adorable set to. Not only can she enjoy coloring and shrinking, but the turning in to jewelry and wearing is something we never got to do with our Shrinky Dinks as kids. You might just want to order two of these for you and one for her!

Must Have #5: Make and Grow Garden Cookies

My daughter could dig in the garden or sandbox for days...this is a gift that at four years old she would LOVE. It has all of the makings for mud pies, but when mixed, seeds are added, and they are planted, sprouts will grow into flowers. This is the perfect gift that will bring butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard in the spring and summer months.

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