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    Jun 23, 2017

    BuzzFeed Picks Our Favorite Video Games Of E3

    If anyone needs us, we'll just be watching these game trailers on loop ...

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    Kirk D: Moss

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    "Moss was the game I was most psyched to see at E3 — after all, it was described as a Legend of Zelda-like VR game with a mouse for a protagonist. Sure enough, the demo took my breath away! Not only are the set pieces beautiful (and full of enemies and puzzles), but the game created a bond between the player and Quill, the game's heroine, in a way that reminds me of The NeverEnding Story. I became emotionally invested in the story of this little mouse and can't wait to play the full game and learn more about my new rodent friend."

    Tyler H: Dragon Ball FighterZ

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    "In my youth, I broke the tabs in my SNES so I could play Dragon Ball fighting games imported from Japan. Hyper Dimension was the game of my childhood. I poured hours into learning how to pull off 30-button combos for a single "Meteo," or turn Saiyans into cookies with Majin Buu. IT WAS THE BEST.

    No other Dragon Ball Z fighter has lived up to that. Then comes E3 2017 and the surprise announcement of Dragon Ball FighterZ like a damn senzu bean bringing the franchise back to life, and my hype is over 9,000. It looks like the Super Saiyan 3 version of Hyper Dimension (they even have Majin Buu turning people into cookies!), and tbh it Kamehameha'd all over any other game reveal."

    Kaye T: Anthem

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    "Bioware is the company that got me back into gaming after years away. I started with Dragon Age: Inquisition and then literally bought a PS3 to be able to play Origins and DA2. So, yes, I was hoping for Dragon Age 4 news... BUT ANTHEM THO. I am so frickin' excited. I'm not a huge fan of co-op games in general (even Overwatch, as beautiful and fun as it is, hasn't grabbed me), but there's something about Anthem that makes me itch to play it. Between the suits, the animations, the way the teamwork works, and what I imagine will be a rich and wonderful story, I cannot friggin' wait. COME 2 ME ANTHEM! LET ME DON A SUPER SUIT AND SHOOT SOME STUFF!"

    Eric S: One Way Trip

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    "In the lead-up to E3, I ran across a game trailer for One Way Trip. The art style was vivid and trippy, and I loved the trailer's song so much I tracked it down on Soundcloud. It struck me as such an audacious stab at an experimental game. At E3, I was floored to find out that Michael Frauenhofer had not only designed the whole game, but written the music himself. One other person helped make this game: his mom, who is a programmer. It won't be everyone's cup of (acid-laced) tea, but for me it represents pure creativity and the courage it takes to share your ideas with the world."

    Jake T: Shadow of the Colossus (2017)

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    "E3 was a powerhouse for remakes this year, but the one that takes the cake for me is SOTC. This game combines such a gentle story progression with powerfully subtle themes, and the simplicity of the mechanics really make it one of the best I've ever played. If anything deserves a graphics update, it's this masterpiece. I'm pumped to play it again, and I invite people who haven't played it yet to enjoy the ride."

    Eileen C: Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

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    "I loved the original Life Is Strange so much that I had my doubts about a sequel...or, in this case, prequel. But a lot of my concerns about Life Is Strange: Before the Storm were answered during the trailer and gameplay demo, and now I'm looking forward to returning to Arcadia Bay. Instead of a metaphysical mystery with a "rewind" power, the game will focus on Chloe's life and relationship with Rachel Amber. I got surprisingly emotional at seeing Chloe was like seeing an old friend that I thought was gone forever. I hadn't realized I missed her so much."

    Dan T: Super Mario Odyssey

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    "Mario. Inhabits. A. Dinosaur. If that doesn't send fanboy/girl shivers down your Nintendo-nerdy spine, then I feel bad for you."

    Patrick B: Manifest 99

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    "Manifest 99 is a VR experience that places you on a train journeying through a dark yet beautiful afterlife. There are no controllers. You traverse the train by looking into the eyes of ravens, whose piercing eyes look right back into you. Artistically, the game feels like a darker version of Monument Valley, though the mechanics are very different. I exceeded the 5 minutes allotted for the demo by a good bit, spending inordinate amounts of time looking out the train's window into the distance. I love doing this on real trains, and it's such a pleasure to get lost in the same way in a virtual world."

    Tim U: Middle Earth: Shadow of War

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    "Shadow of Mordor helped me get through being unemployed. I spent whole days exorcising my anxiety and demons by killing hordes of Uruk-hai. The plotline is simple — it's pretty much just JRR Tolkien presents John Wick, but when you've just been let go from your job, you gain a certain penchant for revenge. The sequel seems to expand on the original game's "Nemesis" system, allowing you to wield your own hordes of monsters with a variety of new abilities. Now that I have a job, and it's no longer me against the world, I'm excited to be more tactical with how I kick orc ass."

    Eric S: Last Day of June

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    "Last Day of June is one of those games that looks like a moving watercolor painting. It's festooned with gauzy blurs of color that shift and elide together, so much so that it gives the impression of reliving a fond memory even before you realize that that's exactly what the game is about. The game's developer told me the game is about 'an emotion that every human being feels: regret.' Living inside a memory you wish you could change is a sad and beautiful thing, and so is Last Day of June."

    Jeffrey V: BestLuck

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    "BestLuck is an aesthetically pleasing puzzle game that also uses the player's perspective as a mechanic in innovative ways I haven't really seen before. Each puzzle is solved through a set of doors, but the clues you see or don't see can only be viewed from the game's fixed-angle camera. You often have to move back to doors you've already opened and peer through them to discover which door to open next. The game will be released in full this summer, but a short demo is available now."