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We Chatted With The Writing Pair Behind "The Last Of Us Part II" About The Game's "Dangerous, Threatening, And Beautiful" World

We sat down with Neil Druckmann (@Neil_Druckmann) and Halley Gross (@Grosstastic), the writing duo behind the hotly anticipated The Last of Us Part II, to talk about creating a postapocalyptic world, the nature of violence, and why their game aims to "one up [God of War] in every regard."

Eric Sams One year ago

Just Some Dope Unreleased Video Games To Get You Excited For E3 2018

BuzzFeed's GoodGame was on the ground at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and we saw all manner of cool shit. Here's a list of upcoming 2018 highlights just in time to kick off your annual E3 mania!

Eric Sams One year ago

8 "BuzzFeedy" Tactics For Grabbing Your Reader's Attention

It's not only the cat GIFs. OK, it's mostly the cat GIFs.

Eric Sams One year ago

I Postmated Everything For A Week Because I Live In LA And Life Is Complicated

How I learned to simplify my complicated life, starting with the little postmating anything and everything 24/7.

Eric Sams 2 years ago

BuzzFeed Picks Our Favorite Video Games Of E3

If anyone needs us, we'll just be watching these game trailers on loop ...

Eric Sams 2 years ago

8 Things I Learned At The Xbox E3 Booth

In which I contemplate the state of video games, the most powerful gaming console ever made, and why the future of gaming is plenty bright.

We Played "For Honor" With Celebrities (And Got Destroyed)

When Ubisoft x Twitch Prime co-hosted a celebrity live stream of Ubi's new hack n' slash game For Honor, everyone was getting along fine...until we started playing.

Eric Sams 2 years ago

Only An Old School Nintendo Expert Can Get 10/10 On This Quiz

You are currently playing this quiz on the *NORMAL* difficulty level. For a real challenge head to Good Game for *HARD* mode.

Eric Sams 2 years ago

Can You Guess These Old School Nintendo Games Just By Their Covers? (HARD MODE)

Presumably you've already bested the *NORMAL* mode and are here for Round 2? If not, be warned this difficulty level is NOT for beginners.

Eric Sams 2 years ago

Let's Go Ahead And Talk About Nintendo's Cow Milking Video Game

It kinda looks like...well, you'll see what it looks like.

Eric Sams 2 years ago
Eric Sams 2 years ago

I Tried To Become The Best (Video Game) Farmer Ever

It's all cute and cuddly until someone's honor as a gamer is on the line. With friends or by yourself, all-new Super Cropsies will have you matching to your heart's content in Farm Heroes Super Saga!

12 Nazis From "Wolfenstein" Who Are Having A Bad Day

These guys are down. They're down and they're staying down.

Eric Sams 3 years ago

We Actually Got Through This Whole List Of DIY Projects In One Day

Assemble your ride-or-DIY crew. You line the home improvement projects up, and BEHR Exterior paints will help you knock them down. *Don't forget to prep safely!

Guess The Smack Talk Of These "Street Fighter II" Characters

NOT just from the character you mained, either.

Eric Sams 3 years ago

Watch The Trailer For The New TMNT Game

"God, I love being a TUURRTTLLLLLLEEEE!"

Eric Sams 3 years ago

"Shadow Of Mordor" Teaches Us How To Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

In Middle Earth they don't call it "getting centered," they call it "getting middled."

Eric Sams 3 years ago

Try Watching These FIFA GIFs Without Wanting To Play Immediately

The line between video games and real life is blurring. With the photo-real graphics and physics of FIFA 15, the line is damn near gone.

Eric Sams 3 years ago

Custom Celebrations: FIFA '15 Edition

It's not enough to just have your FIFA game on point. You have to look good while you're doing it too. Don't trip, BuzzFeed has you covered.

Eric Sams 3 years ago
Eric Sams 3 years ago

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Giant You've Been Ignoring Is Waking Up

Lexus unveiled its hydrogen fuel cell concept car, the Lexus LF-FC, at the Tokyo Auto Show earlier this year, marking another major step in the inevitable market shift toward alternative fuels powering our cars. That got us thinking about alternative fuels in general, and why people haven't seemed to be more excited for them...until now.

15 Images That Will Show You The Best Of Hugh, Manatee

Be real. 2015 has been kind of a rough year. In times like these, we've all been guilty of losing our faith in Hugh, Manatee. But it's never too late to get it back.

Eric Sams 4 years ago