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60 Things You Absolutely Have To Do This Summer

One for every "official" day of the season. Brought to you with unabashed bias by the BuzzFeed food editor.

1. Sip an umbrella drink by the pool.

2. Make an ice cream sandwich out of a waffle.

3. Take a mini road trip just to eat something amazing.

4. Make ice cream from scratch.

5. Throw a party with a DIY Hot Dog Bar.

6. Go berry picking.

7. Have a bowl of cold soup on a hot day.

8. Make Banana Nutella S'mores

9. Grill a cocktail.

10. Eat blueberry pie.

11. Snack on the beach.

12. Drink something out of a coconut.

13. And also out of a pineapple.

14. Grill a steak.

15. Freeze something fun into your ice cubes.

16. Eat watermelon ON A STICK.

17. Go on a picnic.

18. Eat tomatoes when they are in season and taste like dreams coming true.

19. Eat them for breakfast too.

20. Start an herb garden — even if you don't have outdoor space.

21. Eat a boozy fresh fruit salad.

22. Eat Maryland blue crabs.

23. Make cold-brew coffee.

24. Or, if you'd like to live forever, give up coffee for iced matcha tea.

25. Eat Dippin' Dots.

BTW, there's a machine for that now.

26. Grill peaches.

27. Actually, grill all the fruit.

28. Make a classic mint julep.

29. Eat an unreasonable amount of guacamole.

30. Eat Mexican street corn.

31. Hang out around a fire and drink whiskey.

32. Preferably out of a flask.

33. Eat cherries while they're in season.

34. Eat a lobster roll.

35. Eat a corn dog.

36. Drink Pimm's Cups as often as possible.

37. Kick it on a sick lawn chair.

(Even better if your version of a "sick lawn chair" looks like this.)

38. Make some weird Jell-O shots.

39. Grill beer-can chicken.

40. Drink rosé.

41. Have an early dinner party outside, and sit around talking past when it gets dark.

42. Make pesto out of summer corn.

43. Dip popsicles in Prosecco.

44. Go camping.

45. Eat melon and prosciutto.

46. Fall asleep in a hammock.

47. Stuff your face on the Fourth of July.

48. Eat as many regional BBQ styles as possible.

49. Do some day drinking — even when you have to hide it.

View this video on YouTube

50. Grill kale for a salad.

51. Drink frozen hot chocolate.

52. Make this incredible black rice salad.

53. Eat Mister Softee as often as possible.

54. Use this trick to cool down a drink more quickly.

55. Make a punch bowl out of a watermelon.

56. Go fishing.

57. Make popsicles.

58. DIY a floating bar.

59. Get a margarita manicure.

60. Read and relax.