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    30 Skincare Basics You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    I'm sure you know to wash your face by now (I hope), but do you know what else to do?! Time to find out!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Plan out your routine by product — there's a proper order for everything (your face can tell, even if you can't).

    2. Wear your sunscreen! It's so easy to forget this step, but it really helps protect you in the long run from the sun's harmful UV rays. You can even double this Cosrx aloe soothing sunscreen as your moisturizer.

    3. Try out apple cider vinegar with this crazy-popular Aztec Secret clay mask if you're struggling with cystic acne, a.k.a. the toughest of underground pimples. It's not *proven*, but there are thousands of people on Amazon alone who have seen major improvements from this formula.

    4. Know your different types of acne — they're like snowflakes, except so much more unwelcome. Whether yours is more of a whitehead or the hormonal type (usually a cyst), the first step to treating acne is knowing what the heck they are!

    5. Try retinol, a fancy name for vitamin A, to balance your complexion, stimulate collagen, and fade hyper-pigmentation. If you're ever so much as sat in a dermatologist's chair you've probably heard of this — but there are a lot of topical over-the-counter options for a light treatment.

    6. Exfoliate without overdoing it — this skincare technique is great for removing dead skin cells and promoting brighter skin, but it can also be harsh. Opt for this Aveeno daily scrub that doubles as a moisturizer!

    7. Understand that not every mask is for you. In fact, most are designed with a very specific skin type in mind (i.e. dry, acne-prone, etc.). Take our quiz to match your concerns and complexion with the best mask for you!

    8. End your ~dry spells~ when it comes to parched skin with oil-based serums. They're like giving your pores a tall drink of water without actually clogging anything.

    9. STOP picking at your skin, for Pete's sake!! I know it's hard! I did it yesterday! But we need to stop! I don't think I really need to explain why. If you have a pimple you can't stop staring at, cover it with this acne treatment drying lotion.

    10. Regularly clean your makeup brushes (those things pick up acne-causing bacteria faster than you can say zit) with a finger scrubber board. Try to do this once a week — any longer and grime really starts to build up.

    11. If you're going to do a *peel* (a common technique for fighting tough acne and fine lines), remember that you are literally removing a layer of skin. You need to moisturize after or you are going to be SORRY. Dr. Dennis Gross's peel and moisturizer kit has both all set for you!

    12. Drink 👏 water 👏. Aim for eight glasses a day. Sure, you're peeing more, but you're also flushing out daily toxins and improving your natural *glow*.

    13. Wash off sweat and dirt after working out, even if you don't have time to shower. A pack of Burt's Bees cleansing towelettes is obviously a good makeup remover, but also for killing bacteria!

    14. Smooth out qualms between you and your complexion with glycolic acid treatment pads. Glycolic acid is essentially the holy grail of exfoliation — it removes dead skin cells to reveal brighter layers underneath (and can help with acne).

    15. Remove your makeup every night, even if you don't feel like washing your face. Late nights call for this Garnier miscellar cleansing water. It acts as both a makeup remover and facial cleanser for your entire face (including lips and eyelashes).

    16. Tone down finicky skin with Thayer's widely-trusted alcohol-free witch hazel with aloe vera, rose-petal water, and vitamin E. It can help reduce oil buildup and bacteria (as well as tighten pores), thanks to its gentle exfoliation.

    17. Wash and change your towels and washcloths every week (bleh laundry, I know, I know). But those things are bacteria MOTHERSHIPS. The longer you wait to clean them, the more and more of those suckers grow.

    18. Identify which oil is best for your skin type — it's definitely not for everyone, but it CAN seriously reduce acne, restore hydration, and balance oil production given the right combination.

    19. Sleep. Please. Seven or more hours a day when you can. While you're off in dream land, your body is increasing blood flow to the skin, which means you wake up to a healthy glow.

    20. Alleviate eye bags with a Lily Ana brightening and firming moisturizer. Ingredients like vitamins C and E, plus rosehip seed oil reduce puffiness and darkness.

    21. Layer your skincare products by what you think is most important to target. So, for example, if you want good sun protection, slap on your sunscreen first.

    22. Unclog those pores without constantly picking with an Innisfree Pore Clearing Color Mask. It absorbs excess oil and clears out impurities so you can stop trying to push them out yourself.

    23. Benefit from the power of vitamin C with a vegan serum. Vitamin C promotes collagen growth, which is just a fancy way to say your skin will be more plump and radiant.

    24. Adjust your routine to the season. When summer and spring approaches, apply more sunscreen and regularly cleanse (there's more sweat in your life, sorry). As colder weather hits, moisture, moisturize, and moisturize! And moisturize.

    25. Stick to a fragrance-free moisturizer if you have sensitive skin. It's a super simple solution and can give you much more soothing results.

    26. Keep your dang hair out of your face with a headband when going through your skincare routine.

    27. Be patient when it comes to skincare products — some are going to take time to work! But there are other times when it's just not doing the trick, and it's important to know the difference.

    28. Sleep well knowing your face is safer from acne-causing bacteria by opting for a silk pillowcase. There's less transfer from your skin to the pillow, and is also gentler if you're one to toss and turn (me).

    29. Find a *happy medium* when it comes to the temperature with which you wash your face. Too hot, and you can accidentally dry out your skin and heighten sensitivity — but sticking to strictly cold water leaves your skin in need of ~variety~.

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