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    28 People Share How They Keep From Picking Their Skin

    Genius strategies from people who deal with it.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they deal with skin-picking compulsions.

    Excoriation (also known as dermatillomania) is a disorder that causes people to repetitively touch, rub, scratch, pick at, or dig into their skin in ways that result in physical damage — like skin disfigurement, discoloration, bleeding, or scarring. Effective treatment often involves professional help, but these are the tricks some people have found helpful — physically, emotionally, or otherwise — for dealing with skin-picking.

    Remember: These aren’t meant to be medical recommendations, but they’re tactics that have worked for others and might work for you, too. And heads up, some of these responses contain detailed descriptions of skin-picking urges and behaviors.

    1. Peel an orange — then pick off aaaall the white stuff — whenever you really, really need to pick something.

    2. Take care of any scars you might have to see if it lessens the urge.

    3. Watch gross pimple-popping videos instead.

    4. Cut down on mirror time if that's usually when you fall down the rabbit hole.

    5. Or bring reinforcements with you if you're worried about picking when you're alone.

    6. Brush a bit of glue on your skin so you have something to pick off.

    7. Keep your skin/lips/nail beds/scars/whatever well-moisturized so dry edges are less tempting.

    8. Stock up on pore strips and peel-off masks for a similar sensation.

    9. Buy clothes that you love — and that show off areas you usually pick.

    10. But don't be afraid to cover up areas that you're tempted to pick if that's what helps.

    11. Try out acrylic nails to make it harder to grip and pick.

    12. Or do your nails so you can pick the polish instead.

    13. Occupy your hands by making friendship bracelets or other things you can give away as gifts.

    14. Or learn to crochet little thumb hats that will help you not pick.

    15. Carry around little squares of bubble wrap to pop when you have an urge.

    16. Or a worry stone you can rub.

    17. Or occupy your fingers with spinner rings.

    18. Basically, try a BUNCH of different fiddle toys until you find the one that provides the perfect sensation.

    19. Try exercising as a way to distract yourself — and improve your mood.

    20. Draw on yourself with pen instead.

    21. Play repetitive phone games.

    22. Write gentle reminders (and affirmations!) on your mirror.

    23. Get into makeup as a way to relax — and to touch your face in a gentler, non-destructive way.

    24. Wrap scotch tape at the ends of your fingers during your downtime.

    25. Cover up the spots you usually pick at with blister bandages.

    26. Drink a sip of water every time you have an urge to pick at your skin.

    27. Develop a skincare routine that helps make your skin ~less tempting~.

    28. Above all, show yourself compassion and let go of the pressure to have perfect skin.

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