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    23 New Places To Try If You Can't Afford Anthropologie

    Live the high-end life for as low as $2!


    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    I think we're all on the same page that going to Anthropologie is like walking through a fairytale. Except in real life, spending $800 on a jacket would probably result in eating Spam sandwiches for the next year.

    So instead of waiting until the next Anthro sale, try out some stores with similar products and ~aesthetics~ for a whole lot less. Some things that they sell may also be pricey (i.e. wool coats or bedding), but the large majority are reasonably, if not cheaply, priced.

    1. If when you shop by trend at Anthro, you mainly just fantasize, then you need & Other Stories. Sophisticated pieces are all available at budget-friendly prices!

    What you get: A pretty straightforward collection of contemporary clothing, accessories, jewelry, and lingerie. You can also head here for their own brand of beauty products, like body scrub and contouring kits.

    Anthropologie price range: $34–$548

    & Other Stories price range: $8–$495

    Shipping and return policy: $6 standard shipping fee on purchases below $150. Free returns within 30 days (plus pre-paid mailing label).

    2. While Anthro beauty is luxurious, it has a price tag to match. Birchbox streamlines beauty shopping to make finding your perfect product as simple and pain-free as possible. It's specially catered to rookies, and chock-full of renowned brands so you're always ready for your close-up.

    What you get: You can create a box every month with five goodies (makeup, skincare, hair products, beauty tools β€” the works) for $10 per month, or explore with a one-time purchase. Either way, products are cost-efficient and well-reviewed (the average sample receives around 2,000 reviews). The majority of these goods are cruelty-free.

    Anthropologie price range: $4–$360

    Birchbox price range: $5–$250

    Shipping and return policy: Free shipping on purchases above $50. Free returns within 90 days (plus an emailed pre-paid mailing label).

    3. Similar to Anthro's worldly jewelry, Emma & ChloΓ© subscription box delivers French designer jewelry to your door every month. Mesmerizing moonstones, beaded cuffs, and 24k gold-plated necklaces go straight to your closet for less than half the price of what you'd pay in most stores.


    What you get: A handmade piece of jewelry from various French designers each month. All pieces are designed with brass, plated with 24k gold, or dip-coated in silver, and feature semi-precious stones.

    Anthropologie price range: $24–$3,518

    Emma & Chloe price range: $35+ per month. Use promo code WELCOME20 at checkout to get 20% off your first subscription.

    Shipping and return policy: Items are shipped on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of every month. Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime.

    4. A stylish alternative to Anthro's pretty but pricey phone cases, Valfre brightens your day in various categories, like cheeky T-shirts, quirky bags, and adorable planners. But they're best-known for their playful phone cases β€” you've probably spotted their chill pill and cold bitch brew designs.

    What you get: An Etsy meets Nasty Gal vibe, courtesy of retro jumpsuits, fringed bombers, and floral pants. Or maybe you want a glittery strawberry phone case. Still more are patches, pins, hats, and even greeting cards.

    Anthrologie price range: $35–$38 (for phone cases)

    Valfre price range: $10–$88

    Shipping and delivery policy: Free shipping on orders $50+. Free returns within 30 days (plus pre-paid mailing label).

    5. While BHLDN (Anthro's bridal shop) offers some affordable options, Fame and Partners Bridal Shop custom makes wedding and bridesmaid dresses. So, you can get a bespoke gown without blowing the bank on an already expensive day.

    What you get: Dresses are customizable and tailor-made, so you can have the design you had in your head without searching far and wide. Or search their collection for bespoke and truly one-of-a-kind gowns. Bridesmaids get the same royal treatment. Did I mention most dresses are under $800?

    Anthropologie price range: $350–$3,000

    Fame and Partner price range: $300–$1300

    Shipping and return policy: Shipping fees vary on the complexity of any customizations you may choose. Non-customized items may be returned within 30 days of the delivery date for a full refund or store credit (plus a pre-paid mailing label).

    6. Saving nickels and dimes to stock your cupboard with Anthro's pretty dishes and glasses takes way too long. Fishs Eddy has loads and loads of eccentric kitchenware, like floral mason jars and New Yorker cartoon mugs.

    What you get: Imagine an antiques yard sale, but better. Best known for their artistic glassware and linens, their expansive collection fits really any aesthetic. Serve your morning joe in a Teddy Roosevelt mug, or dry your hands with a cacti dish towel. There's also a vintage section for a more nostalgic feel.

    Anthropologie pice range: $6–$368

    Fishs Eddy price range: $1.50–$200

    Shipping and return policy: Flat-rate shipping costs depending on the checkout price. Free returns within 30 days (plus pre-paid mailing label).

    7. Dog Dog matches its charming name with equally cute products. Flower lipsticks, cat pins, and a peachy sweater are only some of the jewels awaiting you. Did I mention everything is under $30?

    What you get: This store is kind of like a choose your own adventure. You can opt for really any theme: kawaii, fairytale, antique-y, trendy, artistic β€” you decide. Accessories include pins, jewelry, bags, phone cases, shoes, and hosiery. Apparel is everything from the bottom up.

    Anthropologie price range: $35–$1,000

    Dog Dog price range: $2–$30

    Shipping and return policy: Free shipping and returns.

    8. If you yearn for Anthro's quality pieces like sweaters and coats, try Cos. It designs minimalist chic pieces to fulfill your Parisian fashion fantasy. The price tag varies pretty widely, so it's up to you whether you're looking for practicality or a splurge-worthy garment.

    What you get: Overall professional pieces β€” wool coats, jumpsuits, dresses, trousers, and blazers. Even their denim and T-shirts have an elevated feel. Also pick up pretty hair accessories, dainty jewelry, and delicate hosiery.

    Anthropologie price range: $28–$978

    Cos price range: $7–$350

    Shipping and delivery policy: $6 standard shipping fee on purchases below $200. Free returns within 14 days.

    9. Gazing at Anthro's art collection is like a viewing at a museum β€” but it has the cost to match. Fab curates unique prints and quirky home decor to turn your home into an affordable version of the MoMA.

    What you get: They're best known for their one-of-a-kind prints and off-beat decorative choices (care for unicorn taxidermy?), but they also have fun kitchenware, tech, and games. All sections include expansive themes for every decorator β€” go full-blown bohemian or make a splash with modern art.

    Anthropologie price range: $38–$2,698

    Fab price range: $10–$356

    Shipping and return policy: Free shipping with purchases $75+, and free returns within 30 days (plus pre-paid mailing label).

    10. Do you peruse Anthro's gorgeous book collection and wonder why you can't just use your library card? Amazon Fashion Books updates your coffee table with options that can satisfy any budget.

    What you get: High fashion, street photography, and icons are all ready to update your living room for surprisingly low prices.

    Anthropologie price range: $8–$200

    Amazon price range: $10–$100

    Shipping and return policy: Shipping charge varies on purchase (free for Prime members). Free returns (plus pre-paid mailing label).

    11. Anthro's eclectic decor says wanderlust, but how can you travel if you blow your savings on a pillow? World Market covers just about everything you wish you could buy at Anthro. Need a turquoise necklace? Done. Colorful pouf that won't break the bank? There in a poof.,

    What they have: Furniture, rugs and curtains, lighting, decor, bed and bath, dining, kitchen, and jewelry and clothing. In other words, they have it all.

    Anthropologie price range: $8–$9,000

    World Market price range: $2–$3,000

    Shipping and return policy: Shipping varies on purchase ($4.95–$59.95). Free returns within 60 days (plus pre-paid mailing label).

    12. If you love Anthro's distinct bags, check out Baggu. It ranges from leather cross-bodies to canvas travel bags to irresistible grocery sacs.

    What you get: Trendy backpacks, totes, pouches, sacs, drawstringsβ€” if it's some form of bag then it's on Baggu.

    Anthropologie price range: $24–$900

    Baggu price range: $10–$180

    Shipping and delivery policy: Free standard shipping. Free returns within 30 days (plus pre-paid mailing label).

    13. Anthro clothing is so luxe and upscale, it's hard to believe you can get very similar styles for much, much less. Mango flourishes in vibrant prints, velvet pieces, and statement sleeves to make your closet look so much more expensive than it is.

    What you get: This site breaks down clothing and accessories by trend, article, and occasion. Go to office wear for revamped professional essentials, fall trends to steal off-the-runway designs, or even weddings and parties for truly elegant creations without a heart-wrenching price tag. An extensive plus-size section named Violeta trumps inexpensive competition.

    Anthropologie price range: $35–$1,000

    Mango price range: $10–$300

    Shipping and delivery policy: $4.95 standard shipping fee. Free returns within 30 days (plus pre-paid and pre-printed mailing label).

    14. Anthro's paper goods make your bank account bare. Paper Source organizes your life in the chicest way. Personalized stationary and lovely calendars make your work seem appealing.

    What you get: Decorative desk supplies, as well as cute gift ideas (that you can have gift wrapped), and beautifully crafted cards and invitations.

    Anthropologie price range: $6–$168

    Paper Source price range: $3–$100

    Shipping and return policy: Shipping charge depends on the price at checkout. Free returns within 30 days (plus pre-paid mailing label). Returns within 31-90 days are refunded with a Paper Source gift card.

    15. Anna Nemone on Etsy creates cheerful prints that come on aprons, pillows, and even bedding.


    What you get: Shark bed sheets, hippo aprons, and blueberry skirts are just some of the whimsical designs that this shop offers. Shop for dresses, skirts, tops, and jumpsuits for your wardrobe, or redecorate with pillows, bedding, and desk supplies. Better yet cheer up the kitchen with pretty aprons and grocery bags.

    Anthropologie price range: $48–$495

    Anna Nemone price range: $6.50–$163

    Shipping and return policy: Shipping cost depends on purchase. Returns accepted if seller is contacted within 14 days of delivery, and item is shipped within 30 days. Mailing label is not included.

    16. If Anthro's cost of jeans give you the blues, give Madewell a whirl. Their widely renowned Denim Bar goes for a fair rate. Come here for the authority on wash, style, and fit.

    What you get: The Denim Bar helps you discover different styles and shapes of jeans so you can really weigh your options. Made with premium fabric and built to truly last, these are worth the (still not steep) charge of around $130. Don't worry, sales pop up frequently with big discounts. You can also pick up well-made bags, jewelry, sweaters, dresses, tops, and skirts.

    Anthropologie price range: $88–$995

    Madewell price range: $70–$138

    Shipping and return policy: $3+ shipping fees (free for Madewell Insiders). Returns within 30 days are accepted with pre-paid mailing labels, but a $7.50 shipping charge will be deducted from your refund (for non-Madewell Insiders).

    17. Anthro's fragrances may be pretty, but cost an even prettier penny. The Parlor Apothecary on Etsy takes you back to days of flappers and salons with affordable, vintage-y perfumes.


    What you get: Classic perfume or cologne bottles, perfume lockets and rings, or gift sets. You can also get solid perfumes or oils, or even decorative empty bottles.

    Anthropologie price range: $10–$165

    The Parlor Apothecary price range: $5–$42

    Shipping and return policy: Shipping cost depends on purchase. All sales are final.

    18. Anthro lingerie is inarguably gorgeous β€” but sometimes you can't justify spending that much. ASOS lingerie lets you feel fancy in your undies without emptying your wallet in the name of panties.


    What you get: Expensive-looking bras, bodysuits, and pajamas that are also available in plus-size.

    Anthropologie price range: $18–$435

    ASOS price range: $6–$500

    Shipping and return policy: $4 shipping fee on orders under $40. Free returns within 28 days (plus pre-paid mailing label).

    19. Showpo tracks down the biggest trends (basically your entire Instagram explore page) and make them available to you for seriously marked-down prices.

    What you get: Pinterest-worthy outfits for bargain-hunter prices. Party dresses, bralettes, denim, work clothes, and pretty much everything else you could need for your closet. Top it off with accessories like bags, head scarves, sunglasses, and cute socks. In case that's not enough, try out their beauty page for inexpensive makeup and hair care.

    Anthropologie price range: $35–$1,000

    Showpo price range: $2–$130

    Shipping and return policy: $9 flat-rate shipping charge on orders under $50. Items can be returned within 14 days for store credit (pre-paid mailing label not included).

    20. Yes, Anthro's furniture is absolutely exquisite, but it would probably be cheaper to buy all of IKEA than one velvet couch. Target furniture and decor transforms contemporary designs into irresistible deals so everyone can have the living room of their dreams.


    What they have: Arm chairs, coffee tables, couches, decorative pillows, you name it. Heck, throw in a fancy-looking mirror because it's $30. If you think you add too much to your cart when shopping in-person, just wait until you discover the heaven that is Target Home.

    Anthropologie price range: $8–$9,000

    Target price range: $5–$500

    Shipping and return policy: Free shipping on purchases over $3, and free returns (plus pre-paid mailing label).

    21. To miss out on trends because you had to wait until Anthro's shoes and new looks were on clearance can cause emotional distress. Lulu's offers a wide selection of the latest fads for costs you won't mind spending. You can even shop by category, like "The New Boho" and "Lovely Lace."

    What they have: In the true spirit of fast fashion, this site has everything from T-shirts to bridal dresses. Dresses range from casual to formal, as do tops and bottoms. Shoes come in boots, sandals, sneakers, flats, and heels. Accessories and lingerie are also available.

    Anthropologie price range: $35–$1,000

    Lulus price range: $10–$350

    Shipping and return policy: Free shipping on purchases over $50, and free returns within 30 days (plus pre-paid shipping label).

    22. Even the little tchotchkes in the Anthro clearance section can really add up quickly. Flying Tiger unleashes your inner-kid with funky desk accessories and kitchenware β€” sometimes for as low as $1. While you can only shop in-store (remember that?), you can browse with confidence that you'll stay well under budget.

    What you get: Novelties galore: peace sign jewelry holders, gold scissors, bearded journals, etc. For super, super cheap (dare I say less than IKEA?), your desk can get revamped with a deceptively stylish appearance.

    Anthopologie price range: $5–$70

    Flying Tiger price range: $1–50

    Return policy: Return within 30 days.

    23. Anthro makes dressing fun with cute prints, but the joy is over when you check your bank history. Unique Vintage has you *covered* when it comes to creative patterns.

    What you get: A print-lover's paradise: shop by era (it is a vintage-inspired shop, after all) to mix and match patterned blouses and skirts. Or go for the full effect with a standout dress.

    Anthropologie price range: $35–$1,000

    Unique Vintage price range: $9–$348

    Shipping and return policy: Free shipping on orders over $150. Full refund (minus shipping fee) within 14 days. Items returned within 15–30 days are eligible for store credit.

    So this is what rich feels like without the money:

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