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    35 Pieces Of Extra Comfy Clothing That Are Surprisingly Trendy

    Tie-dye + sweatpants = what you'll find me living in.

    1. A tie-dye ruffled tank top with a cute front pocket, because this'll help you hop on this summer's biggest trend for cheap — and stay comfy, thanks to its super soft fabric. If you're itching to feel a little dressier while still looking relaxed, this is for you.

    A closeup of a model wearing the purple, orange, and blue tie-dye ruffle tank top

    2. A pinstriped T-shirt dress so you can wear cute, summery outfits for TikTok while remaining ~lounge-ready~. This + white sneakers = your new weekly go-to.

    A model wearing the orange and white striped T-shirt dress

    3. A pair of leopard-print cycling shorts with pockets (!!!) that'll put an end to your *prowl* for trendy loungewear that practically BEG to be worn 24/7. May you two never part.

    A reviewer wearing the leopard-print bike shorts that reaches her knees

    4. A floral midi dress with a ruffled neckline, because your leggings called me and told me they need a little break. But this'll keep you just as ~relaxed~ — and help you dress up a bit.

    A model wearing the light green and white floral midi dress with small buttons down the chest

    5. A pair of denim overalls to dress up your weekly T-shirts without ever THINKING about putting on jeans. These are surprisingly soft, roomy, and will never go out of style.

    6. An oversized, lime green T-shirt for straying from your old pajama shirts — but not *too* far. This is every bit as comfy, just a lot more stylish for the 'gram.

    A model wearing the oversized T-shirt

    7. A pair of loose, ruffled shorts so you can wish a final farewell to restrictive clothing. These'll make just about every shirt you own look a little fancier and promise to never squeeze you. My eyes are sweating.

    A model wearing the cotton shorts in light blue with extra large pockets

    8. A pair of tie-dye sweatpants that'll let you embrace this HUGE trend (seriously, I challenge you to open Instagram without seeing something similar to these) without shelling out designer cash. I, for one, am overjoyed I can live in sweats and call myself stylish.

    A model wearing the pink, purple, and dark blue tie-dye sweatpants

    9. A sunflower swing dress to stay perfectly cool even during the hottest of summer days thanks to its ~refreshingly~ lightweight material. Humidity, meet your match.

    10. A slouchy, leopard-print pullover for giving your super old college sweatshirts a run for their money. Dare I say, this'll actually IMPROVE your outfits and keep you extra cozy.

    A model wearing the leopard-print sweatshirt to show its slouchy shape

    11. A floral ruffle romper so you still feel like you're in your go-to sweats, only this'll be breezier and trendier. Your Insta story is about to have a *lot* of mirror selfies.

    A reviewer wearing the light yellow and white floral romper with a cinched middle and halter neckline

    12. A pair of cotton-blend pants with rolled ankle cuffs that'll help you find the perfect middle ground between jeans and sweats. They're lightweight and *just* roomy enough, but still look put-together.

    A model wearing the olive green pants with pockets

    13. A silky animal print cami with a lace-trimmed neckline, because this'll feel ~easy breezy~ no matter HOW hot it gets. Not to mention, it's 100% ready to help you get *the* perfect picture for your Insta.

    A reviewer wearing the silky cami in a snakeskin pattern and black lace

    14. A fuzzy cropped cardigan to throw over old T-shirts, shorts, you name it without ever ruining your ~look~ — if anything, this'll give it an easy upgrade. Not to mention, this pairs quite nicely with your couch + Netflix.

    A model wearing the grey fuzzy cardigan with matching buttons

    15. A loose T-shirt dress for having something a little more ~upscale~ yet relaxed to throw on in the morning. And you better bet you'll never even WONDER if this is on-trend. This is more forever than your poor plants.

    A reviewer wearing the T-shirt dress in olive green and styled with an optional knot

    16. A wrap *skort* so you can get the best of BOTH worlds — the comfort of loose shorts + dressiness of a skirt. If there has ever been a more perfect union, I don't want to hear about it.

    A flat lay of the skort in burnt orange with a wrap tie

    17. A strapless button-down romper that'll prove just how wonderful one-and-done outfits really are — you're ready in a flash, you look on-trend, *and* you're basically in PJ's thanks to its cotton-y material. Truly a beautiful thing.

    A reviewer wearing the strapless romper in black that's cinched in the middle and has brown buttons

    18. A smocked tulle top with wide bow straps and a ruffled bottom, because this'll make a STATEMENT after days on end of wearing the same sweats. Good thing it's so light, you won't give up an ounce of comfort.

    A model wearing the ruched tulle top in light yellow

    19. A cropped Champion sweatshirt to give your leggings a little update without leaving your ~comfort zone~ — at all, actually. Will you end up wearing this seven days a week? Quite possibly, yes.

    A model wearing the cropped hooded sweatshirt in bright pink with a small Champion logo on the chest

    20. A cold-shoulder, snakeskin maxi dress for keeping your *cool* if you spend all afternoon in your backyard. Could leggings do that? Not nearly as well.

    A model wearing the snakeskin maxi dress with a side slit

    21. A two-piece knit set so you can lounge in absolute style and probably impress the heck out of your pets. You absolutely should give them a fashion show. And share this outfit on your story at least 20 times.

    A model wearing the knit tank top and shorts set in teal

    22. A fuzzy one-shoulder tank top that'll appeal to your ~soft side~ and convince you to wear it just about every single day. Which is great, because it looks nice even with sweats and feels like an absolute dream on.

    A model wearing the cropped fuzzy top in white

    23. A polka dot mini dress with bow straps and ruffle details, because this'll keep you gloriously free from restrictive bottoms. Sometimes just taking the day off from pants makes it a good day.

    24. A cinched, puff sleeve romper to get dressed in a minute flat and still look chic and put-together. Consider this to be your most fashionable onesie.

    A model wearing the romper in bright pink

    25. A round neck sweatshirt with a cute alien logo for a combo of comfort and style that feels *out of this world*. If aliens visited this planet, the first thing they'd do is take fashion tips from you.

    A reviewer wearing the pullover in light pink with the small white alien patch logo on the chest

    26. A cotton Levi's T-shirt so keeping your outfits on-trend doesn't mean sacrificing comfort. In fact, it doesn't get more relaxed than this.

    A model wearing the white roomy T-shirt with the Levi's logo on the chest

    27. A pair of drawstring cargo joggers that'll give you a welcome break from sweatpants but keep you FAR away from jeans. These would never dream of feeling too tight.

    28. A cinched jersey mini dress, because this'll help you feel extra polished if you're working from home *without* making you miss your sweats. Win win.

    A model wearing the grey jersey dress with an elasticized waist

    29. A colorblock knit cardigan to make all your weeks more colorful, even if they're filled with rainy days and your couch. This'll feel so soft, your robe might start to get worried...

    A model wearing the rainbow striped cardigan that reaches her thighs

    30. A pair of high-waisted, button-down cotton shorts for tossing uncomfortable jean shorts to the side — they were always riding up your butt, anyway. These'll make you forget they're even there.

    A model wearing the cotton shorts in lavender with brown buttons

    31. A racerback maxi dress with POCKETS so you leave the days of uncomfortable outfits in the name of fashion behind you — this is here to make sure you never have to choose again.

    A reviewer wearing the sleeveless, cotton maxi dress that's cinched below the chest in dark green

    32. A ribbed halter top that'll quickly become your sweatpants' best friend. Together they look trendier, are unbeatably comfy, and are just all around unstoppable.

    A model wearing the halter top in yellow

    33. A leopard-print T-shirt, because it's truly ~wild~ how well this combines fashion with comfort. Your go-to shorts are truly shooketh.

    A reviewer wearing the light tan leopard-print T-shirt

    34. A tie-dye cotton sweatshirt to snuggle up with your stylish new staple every single day without ever getting sick of it. Your followers are going to have to get VERY used to seeing this.

    A model wearing the white, light blue, and pink tie-dye crewneck sweatshirt

    35. A pair of drawstring sweatpants with striped sides for kicking your wardrobe up a notch with this extremely cozy trend. Getting fashion credit for living in sweats? Amazing.

    A model wearing the sweatpants in white with red and black side stripes

    Me and my trendy sweats getting ready for our 15th day in a row together like:

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