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    If You Like Your Home To Be Totally Spotless, Here Are 31 Things For You

    Did you know that there's a doggy doormat that catches mud and water *for* you? Now you do.

    1. A pet-hair removing brush for easily maintaining a fur-free space, even if you allow your pets to sit on the couch. It's simple enough to use every day (which I know you will), so hair doesn't even have a CHANCE to reveal itself on any surface.

    Reviewer's picture of the pet hair-removing brush filled with fur

    2. An organic, citrus mint disinfectant spray that'll smell ~divine~ when you inevitably touch up your countertops twice a day to keep them perfectly glossy. This guy really gets you — it's designed to dry evenly *without* the need for wiping. It's powered by oxygen so it'll dry by itself without streaking, aka you can just spritz to your heart's content.

    The disinfectant spray

    3. A hardwood floor cleaning spray so you can keep your floors in tip-top shape all the time with minimal effort. Just spray this, grab a microfiber mop, and voilà, your kitchen is constantly in full ✨sparkle✨ mode.

    4. A can of Bar Keepers Friend powdered cleanser, because this'll help you make sure your sink looks just how you'd like: spotless and totally scratch-free. Reviewers swear its (bleach-free) formula brings their porcelain sinks back to practically new-looking after just one use!

    Reviewer's before-and-after of their scratched-up porcelain sink and then new-looking sink

    5. A ~doggy doormat~ for protecting your precious floors and furniture from the attack of muddy paws. Its microfibers actually absorb water and mud when your pup enters so it's not *quite* the usual battle of wiping them down every time they come in.

    6. And! A pack of plant-based, compostable dog wipes that'll help you *totally* clean your pup before letting them inside without feeling guilty about creating daily waste. They're plant-based, deodorizing, extra gentle, and can be tossed in with the rest of your compost pile if you have one.

    The dog wipes

    7. An extendable duster so you can easily reach your ceiling fan if you're constantly trying to conquer dust bunnies from a chair. No need to balance on your tippy toes — this'll take care of everything and give you peace of mind.

    Reviewer's picture of the extendable duster with Amazon five-star caption, "Goodbye, dust and cobwebs!"

    8. A mattress vacuum (yes, you read that right), because this'll seriously come in handy for anyone who needs a perfectly clean bed. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but dust mites and bacteria live in *all* of our beds and if you think your mattress is the exception...think again. If that disturbs you, using this semi-regularly should soothe your soul.

    9. A carpet spot remover for swiftly erasing any evidence of spilt drinks, pet accidents, or anything that else that usually causes your blood to boil. Just spray, blot, and thank the stars this exists so your rug can remain spotless.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of stained carpet and then almost totally clean carpet

    10. A pack of toilet-cleaning gel that'll release scrubbing bubbles with every flush to take care of buildup, so you don't have to worry about your bathroom looking unsightly if you don't clean it every day.

    11. And! A powerful cleaning gel so when you *do* want to deep-clean your toilet, you can use a no-nonsense formula that'll make removing hard water stains, lime, and rust a piece of cake. Nothing but a perfectly shining bowl will be left in your wake.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of their toilet bowl with hard water ring, the cleaning gel dissolving it for 15 minutes, and then the toilet bowl totally clean without scrubbing

    12. An orange-scented wood polish because we know in your opinion, a clean home just doesn't look quite as impressive if your wooden furniture isn't in tip-top shape. This'll remove scratches, water marks, or really any sign of aging and leave everything looking practically new.

    Reviewer's before-and-after photo of their scratched-up wooden chair and then new-looking, glossy chair

    13. An automatic scrubbing brush for eliminating the grout that's been bothering you for years — good thing now you have the perfect tool to really scrub it all away. It comes with a detachable oscillating grout brush to bring your tiles back to bright *fast* — meaning maintaining a flawless bathroom floor is no longer a feat.

    Reviewer's picture of half of their tile floor with dirty grout, and the other half totally clean

    BEHOLD: the grout brush in action.

    14. A Hoover automatic carpet cleaner that'll truly prove itself to be the powerful sidekick you've always dreamed of owning. It washes and vacuums at the same time so dirt, grime, and hair have a 0% chance of hiding in your rug — talk about deep 👏 cleaning 👏.

    Just look at that bb go to WORK on dirt:

    Reviewer's picture of a large clump of dirt, hair, and grime with the caption "after vacuuming", and a smaller clump of hair and dirt with the caption "after washing"

    15. A Blueland ~everyday clean~ kit so you can *keep* your entire home sparkling clean without any of the usual harmful ingredients. These are safe to use around kids and pets, are more sustainable, and will even save you some cash longterm thanks to the bottles' reusability. Basically the ultra clean person's dream come true.

    The full cleaning kit

    16. An elevated "neat feeder" pet bowl, because this'll prevent food and water from flying all over the place every darn time your fur child eats. All of the spilled food is contained by this, while water drains into the catch basin. Your floors are now safe.

    Reviewer's picture of two of the feeding bowl sets

    17. A deep-clean brush set for *really* getting to every crevice of your home and making sure there isn't a single stain, streak, or bit of dust to be seen. The set comes with a larger toothbrush-like brush that can tackle things like grout and shower door tracks, while the smaller detail brush comes with a wiper blade that can reach fixtures and super tight spaces.

    The detail cleaner brush erasing grime around a sink drain

    18. A pack of stainless steel-cleaning wipes that'll officially ban pesky streaks from your kitchen. These'll not only make it easy to polish any stainless steel surfaces, but *protect* them from future fingerprints, grease, and whatever else threatens the state of your fridge.

    19. An adjustable blind duster so you can clean your window blinds in a much more effective way than trying to tackle each one by one with a tissue. Just a few swipes with this, and they're up to your standards. I promise.

    Reviewer's picture of blind duster covered in dust

    20. A washable floor mat, because this'll protect your floors from the peril of your lovable but MESSY child. They may be sweet, but they make you sweat every time they even look at the puréed peas. And! You can put this under them while they play and draw in the living room. Is this essentially a tarp? Yes. Will you be very grateful for it when you don't have to scrub your floor? Double yes.

    Reviewer's picture of the cartoon safari-themed floor mat under a high chair

    21. And! A set of extra-large melamine sponges for when your child decides it's a good idea to draw all over the table. With marker. You are holding your breath while reading this. Just get these so your nightmare of living with a ruined table is no longer a threat.

    22. A hard water stain-remover that'll FINALLY help you get those darn faucets or even your shower head back to shiny new — I know having water spots despite scrubbing every week has been a burden on your heart. No longer.

    Reviewer's before-and-after picture of their shower faucet with hard water stains and then totally clean

    Just look at how well it works on shower doors, too! Finally the bathroom you work so hard for 🙌.

    Reviewer's before-and-after picture of their shower door covered in hard water stains and then totally clear

    23. An attachable drill brush so you can get to WORK on stubborn marks that won't let you feel perfectly satisfied with your cleaning. We have just one message for rust stains before banishing them — we mean business.

    Reviewer holding their drill with the scrubbing brush attached, and their shower with grout and then totally clean

    24. A microfiber mop-duster with a flexible handle, because this'll help you reach ~underneath~ your furniture to be darn sure there aren't any dust bunnies hiding. Not on your watch.

    The flexible microfiber mop reaching under a couch

    25. A set of microfiber cloths for a guaranteed mark-free finish whenever cleaning mirrors and windows. These are totally lint- and streak-free — meaning you'll be so much happier with all your hard work now.

    26. A roll of reusable bamboo towels that'll seriously come in handy for anyone who cleans *a lot* by preventing you from overspending on paper towels (something you probably buy quite often). Plus! They absorb messes a whole lot faster than regular paper towels, meaning these'll save you time and money.

    The bamboo towel absorbing a spill

    27. An all-natural tile and tub cleaner so you can finally have solid proof on how often you scrub your bathroom — it's not quite as satisfying when the tiles aren't blindingly white. It effectively removes mold, mildew, and rust, and leaves your bathroom smelling nice and fresh thanks to its tea tree formula.

    28. A set of citrus wax warmers, because anyone who wants a spotless home *also* wants it to smell perfectly clean at all times. Their combo of crushed organic sage and lemon, lime, and orange rinds will make your home smell just like Sunday cleaning all week (even when they're not burning).

    The wax warmers

    29. A Shark steam mop reviewers say is worth every cent thanks to its ability to streamline deep-cleaning hardwood floors to almost half the usual scrubbing time. Suddenly maintaining beautiful, shining floors is nowhere near the cumbersome task you're used to.

    30. A self-charging robot vacuum for having a handy ally that'll work overtime to keep the floors free of crumbs, dirt, dust, you name it. It's even designed to be extra quiet so it can tidy up all the time without disturbing you — all that's left is to admire its work.

    Reviewer's picture of the vacuum filled with pet hair

    31. A Squeegee broom that'll get every 👏 last 👏 crumb 👏 left behind when your child made a MESS eating their lunch on the couch. You're still emotionally recovering. Good thing this'll make collecting any evidence incredibly fast and easy — it also makes sweeping up spills and pet hair effortless!

    When all of these products are doing *too* good of a job so you have nothing left to clean:

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