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    38 Things For Anyone Who Wants To Look More Stylish But Doesn't Know How

    Because buying these is easier than getting Tan France on the phone.

    1. A thick velvety dress with a chic waist tie that'll ~pull you together~ in a minute flat whenever you're in a midmorning crisis over what to wear. Pull this over head. Fini.

    2. A structured T-shirt so you can make all your outfits look a little more polished, but with the same amount of effort it takes to wear your favorite tee. So none.

    3. A pair of wide-leg pants for ~kicking~ your look up a notch, even if you pair these with the same old tops you always wear. They'll just make everything look dressier than jeans.

    4. A faux-leather baguette bag, because this alone will make all of your outfits look more on trend — old leggings included.

    5. A semi-sheer blouse to either show off your favorite bralette or just add a fun update to your work wardrobe when paired with a regular cami. Either way, you'll instantly look en vogue.

    6. A leopard-print top that'll easily make your outfits feel a little trendier than your same-old bulky sweaters. And you can bet your bottom dollar these'll go with all your regular jeans, so you don't need to go wild with styling.

    7. A pair of Reformation straight-leg jeans with a stylish button closure design so you can upgrade any and every top you have in your closet while staying well within your comfort zone.

    8. A cold-shoulder, lacy blouse for ditching your overused Saturday outfit that you wear every time you have plans. Good thing you can keep everything else the same, right down to your shoes.

    9. A pair of metallic camo leggings, because these'll go with everything, just like your go-to basics. But! When it comes to compliments, they'll do anything but ~blend in~.

    10. A set of gold earring cuffs so you can add some trendy appeal to your looks without the commitment. Cool new piercings or just a 24-hour accessory? We'll let everyone else decide.

    11. A cropped knit sweater with leopard patchwork detailing to put an end to your ~prowl~ for fun statement pieces. Your everyday black bottoms just met their new best friend.

    12. A velvet mini skirt that will add a bit of unexpected texture to your outfit, and look just as cute with tights as it will alone come warmer weather. And who doesn't want all of their clothing to have POCKETS?!

    13. A belted, sparkly jumpsuit so you can get ready in a minute flat and *still* look chic whenever you go out — your old LBD could NEVER. And you'll feel like you're wearing pajamas?! Bless.

    14. A floral button-front maxi dress for the easiest routine possible: Throw on over head. Put on shoes. Accept all fashion credit.

    15. An initial ring, because this'll make all your outfits feel a little more upscale, even when you're just wearing your usual jeans-and-tee combo.

    16. A striped knit sweater to effortlessly brighten all your ensembles — yet it's still simple enough to wear a million different ways.

    17. A satin midi skirt that'll give even the most casual wardrobe a more elegant touch.

    18. A ruffled floral dress so you can take part in the romantic trend without any complicated mixing and matching. All you need is this plus your usual flats to flourish.

    19. A faux–wrap tunic blouse for converting even the most dedicated all-black-outfit lover into someone who dabbles with bright colors. Your black jeans will feel safe, I promise.

    20. A pair of velvet sweatpants, because these'll let you live the rest of your days in pure comfort while still looking fashionable and put-together. Talk about finding bliss.

    21. A pair of platform Converse high-top sneakers to keep your look ~relaxed~ but still make all your outfits look more on trend, even when you're wearing the same exact sneakers every day (sound familiar?).

    22. A loose ruffle skirt that'll keep all your outfits super low maintenance, but look a heck of a lot dressier than your usual jeans.

    23. An oversize knit sweaterdress so you can rely on a trendy one-and-done outfit. This + your usual boots = no room for error.

    24. A textured lace-trim cami for putting an end to your constant "What do I wear?!" dilemma every Saturday night. And! You can wear this under a blazer or any open-front sweater to make it even more versatile.

    25. A pearl-studded headband, because this'll quickly become your favorite way to elegantly ~top off~ all your ensembles with a major statement piece. How much effort does this require? Lifting your arms.

    26. A leopard-print puffer jacket to ditch your old parka and make your outfits BETTER, not worse, whenever you go outside. Trendy outerwear > old college coat.

    27. An off-the-shoulder midi dress with statement sleeves that'll make every single pair of shoes you own look more stylish — believe in the power of this super-fashionable number.

    28. A sheer mock-neck top so you can make your look ✨shine✨, even when wearing the same black jeans that make an appearance every single weekend. They're just glad to get an update.

    29. A cinched, floral midi dress for wearing in both warm *and* cold weather (hello, OTK boots) so you can easily look boho chic all darn year.

    30. A statement-sleeved knit pullover, because this'll do such a good job of dressing up all your bottoms and making you feel so toasty warm, you'll wonder if it's worth wearing any other top. It's not.

    31. A belted, denim overall dress to give your old band tee from high school a totally new life. It never thought it would see the day it got paired with anything but sweats.

    32. A pair of fleece-lined faux-leather leggings that'll give you an easy edge on cool-weather dressing. These will upgrade all of your favorite sweaters (even sweatshirts!) and make sure you stay comfy the whole time.

    33. A ribbed balloon-sleeved dress so you can *basically* feel like you're wearing your favorite sweater, just with a more stylish approach to cozy outfits.

    34. A backless lace bodysuit for literally turning your back on dull, boring dressing while still letting this do all the sartorial work. It's time for fancy ~looks~ only from here on out.

    35. A ribbed open-front cardigan, because this'll keep you cozy warm in frigid offices *and* become your favorite way to stylishly layer (something you previously may have always struggled with).

    36. A pair of low-heel Chelsea booties to give your ensembles a ~boost~ without you having to leave the comfort of neutrals behind. Who knew looking dressier could be so easy (and cheap)?

    37. A ruffled smock dress that won't make you stray far from your usual T-shirt dress routine but will still take your style up a notch.

    38. A pair of rhinestone fishnets so you can give your LBD new life with just a touch of shimmer — no tricky accessorizing needed.

    Your leggings watching you leave them behind for an entire week like:

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