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    41 Cute And Warm Tops For Anyone Who's Sick Of Sweaters

    Tired of bulky knits? These tops won't ~sweat~ it.

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    1. A bodysuit turtleneck for always a) having an easy solution to any unexpected ~untucking~ throughout the day and b) living a comfy life despite wearing something other than your favorite sweater.

    2. An oversized cotton flannel, because looking ~cool~ has never felt so cuddly. Warning: you may spend your whole work day snuggling with this top.

    3. A button-down top with a chic knot that'll keep you comfy, and add a *touch* of polish. Say goodbye to bulky knits that only make you overheat in the office.

    4. A textured bodysuit so a night out doesn't mean freezing your tuchus off — have your cardigans ever done this for you? I DON'T THINK SO.

    5. A jersey turtleneck to keep an incredibly comfy and *justtt* light enough staple on heavy rotation all darn season. Wear it under a blazer, with a layer-able dress, over your go-to jeans, WHATEVER. There's nothing this won't make look a little extra dressy.

    6. A ribbed wrapover bodysuit for giving your winter wardrobe a much-needed ~twist~, thanks to this top's trendy bottom.

    7. A Wrangler denim button-down, because you can wear this alone or layered when you need a break from your usual rotation between the same three sweaters. Believe me, your closet is starting to sing the blues.

    8. A plisse statement top that'll save all the drama for your outfit — no more going back and forth between sweating and freezing on your way to work.

    9. A long flannel button-down with pockets (!!!!) so you can try a new approach to staying fashionably warm. Think of this as a super trendy robe when you rudely have to leave your home.

    10. A half-zip bodysuit so you can stop feeling like you have to choose between freezing or sweating every time you want to work out outside. Plus! Its moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric will ensure your outfit feels breathable the whole darn time.

    11. A colorblock long-sleeve top for immediately giving your favorite jeans new life. I overheard them saying that they're feeling a little suffocated by your knits.

    12. A balloon-sleeve velvet blouse, because this'll surprise the heck out of your office when you show up looking like a polished adult. Dare I say they might even get *shivers*.

    13. A cotton-blend pullover that'll become your new best friend FAST when you realize its POCKETS will give you the best of both worlds: warmth and snack storage.

    14. A thermal boho top with knit statement sleeves so you'll always look effortlessly cool instead of sweating it out on the subway in thick yarn.

    15. A velvet T-shirt to make a *smooth* transition from overusing the same three tops. Ironically, you may find yourself wearing THIS way too often.

    16. A camo button-down you can rely on for years to come whenever you need an escape from your usual go-tos (but still need lots of warmth). Meaning: this'll never go out of style.

    17. A mesh-backed workout shirt with *handy* thumbholes for going on runs in chilly weather *without* bringing unnecessarily bulky toppers. They're only weighing you down.

    18. A cotton and lace tunic top, because this'll beat sweaters at their own game — you'll feel just as cozied up, minus the lovely back sweat.

    19. A soft oversized pullover that'll keep you unbeatably comfy 24/7 without feeling like you can't move your arms. Extra thick no longer control us.

    20. A backless sweatshirt so you can trick everyone into thinking you tried more than usual, but actually spend all day cozily wrapped in sweats.

    21. A ruffle-hem dotted shirt to create a whole new ~pattern~ of fun ensembles while taking a much-needed break from the same four sweaters.

    22. A leopard-print top for easily making your outfits feel a little trendier than your bulky sweaters — all without going wild with spending.

    23. An oversized wool-blend button-down, because this'll prove it's actually possible to look fashionable despite the ominous weather forecast. Not to mention this'll go out of style when the sky stops being blue — so never.

    24. A cropped workout top with trendy thumbholes that'll keep you toasty during your outdoor morning exercise routine. I'm no athlete, but it's probably hard to wear sweaters while running.

    25. A velour crewneck pullover so you can scare off winter blues with a major statement.

    26. A soft knit tunic top to transition from pajamas to a comfy outfit in no time at all. Will this accidentally inspire you to nap at your desk? Perhaps.

    27. An oversized, reversed knit top for probably confusing your mom ("the seams go...outside?"), but still winning points for trendiness *and* practicality.

    28. An asymmetrical tunic, because this'll help you ditch boring knits for a pretty one-and-done outfit. It turns out your leggings prefer to feel dressed up.

    29. A balloon-sleeved crop top that'll meet you in the ~middle~ when it comes to dressing up your high-waisted jeans without wearing the same thick knit for the 100th time in a row.

    30. A Carhartt pocketed T-shirt for relying on this sturdy staple that was m-a-d-e to last, even when braving the elements. It's specifically designed for people who work outside so it is READY to keep you warm.

    31. A tie-front button-down, because this'll make it so easy to look professional AND feel warm, you'll almost want to go to work.

    32. A fleece sweatshirt that'll bring you allll the teddy bear feels without making you overheat. Aka it's time to say adieu to sweat-inducing sweaters.

    33. A faux wrap knit top so you win a tie between keeping warm and looking on-trend. You WILL want to tie the knot with this.

    34. A cowl neck tunic with 🙏pockets🙏 to keep your hands toasty warm whenever you dare leave your house. Your old sweater could NEVER.

    35. A fleece off-the-shoulder top for making it more than possible to grin and bare getting dressed for a night out *without* sacrificing style for warmth.

    36. A double-buttoned asymmetrical top, because this'll help you achieve the impossible: dressing up during the winter without instantly freezing.

    37. A corduroy button-down that'll immediately become your favorite layering piece. I do believe you just found something more functional *and* stylish than your go-to knit.

    38. A soft buttoned tunic with faux suede elbow patches so you can call your wardrobe "cozy and lazy, but make it fashion." It's never been so rewarding to throw on leggings.

    39. A square-neck ribbed top to prove some basics truly never get boring — unlike that sweater that's been sitting on top of your hamper for a month now.

    40. A long flannel button-down for reconnecting with your favorite band T-shirt when layering the two together. Those sweaters were really keeping you two apart.

    41. A floral peplum knit top, because this'll ensure your motivation to leave the house doesn't wither the minute you step outside. These florals can actually survive winter weather.

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