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    33 Things To Wear That Are Stylish, Under $20, *AND* Have Pockets

    Join me in throwing all of my pocketless clothes AWAY.

    1. A loose long-sleeved T-shirt dress that'll put comfort first, but still inspire you to post an OOTD. Don't forget to include "POCKETS" in all caps.

    2. A cotton and lace tunic top to beat pants at their own game — you should probably still wear bottoms, but I'm just saying.

    3. A pair of high-waisted leggings so you can fit snacks or — according to reviewers — an entire bottle of champagne in these bad boys on your way to the gym. Priorities.

    4. A soft infinity scarf with a hidden zippered pocket for tucking away candy when walking into a movie theater. At least, that's what I would do.

    5. A belted dress, because formal events have delicious hors d'oeuvres and you obviously need to take them home.

    6. A belted A-line skirt that'll make your office wardrobe feel more upscale than if you were Amal Clooney herself. I bet she prefers to have pockets, too.

    7. A button-down denim midi dress to double as a layering piece during colder months — aka do whatever it takes to never be without your precious pockets.

    8. A patterned flared dress so your sophisticated sense of style never goes unnoticed — and neither will your smart shopping skills.

    9. A cotton-blend pullover for keeping your hands warm when your roommate just HAS to turn down the heat. WE ARE NOT SAVING THAT MUCH MONEY.

    10. A leopard print knit cardigan, because people will go wild for what an amazing stylist you are — clothes AND chocolate! Prepare yourself for limitless compliments.

    11. A cinched midi dress that'll suddenly become your go-to. Between the unbeatable comfort and extra-roomy pockets you will absolutely wear this Monday-Friday. Which is more than fine.

    12. A faux shearling jacket so you always have your wallet and phone on hand, sans annoying purse. Welcome to FREEDOM.

    13. A colorblock tunic dress for being impossible to look past — especially when you insist everyone gets in line to admire your outfit's best feature.

    14. A long flannel button-down, because not only will you look on-trend, but you'll feel like you never left your couch. Good thing you were able to carry your remote around with you *just* in case.

    15. A racerback maxi dress to complete this dress's mission to make you look carefree, which you totally will be when you never have a hangry moment. The power of hidden granola bars.

    16. A pair of high-waisted yoga pants with ~hidden~ pockets that'll prevent bulky outfits while allowing you to bring food with you wherever you go. Oh, it's for phones to let you run and listen to music? Well....I guess you can do that too.

    17. A long-sleeved button-down dress so no matter how sophisticated the event, you'll still have a trick up your sleeve — or waist, I suppose.

    18. A pair of fashionable sweatpants for letting you feel like you're basically walking around in your pajamas. Except now these BEAT pajamas, which is truly astounding.

    19. A long knit cardigan to stay cozy at work (and always have plenty of office snacks on hand to refuel).

    20. A colorblock swing midi dress, because this'll make you the life of the party when you're stocked up on sugar. Who put all these candy bars in here? Not I...

    21. A cold shoulder dress versatile enough for any season to shrug off any concerns of *toting* around bulky accessories. You two are all you'll ever need.

    22. A wooly plaid vest that'll ~top off~ your already impeccable fashion credibility: beauty *and* brains, you're UNSTOPPABLE.

    23. A plaid A-line skirt so you can say "I'm here for the party" without specifying why. Where are the appetizers, you say? ...Unsure.

    24. A super soft tunic dress for a) having a staple all year (you can wear with this with tights or alone) and b) gaining a new partner in crime when it comes to your phone obsession. This also wants you to have it with you all the time.

    25. An A-line mini skirt with attached shorts underneath to beat winter winds at its own game. Pockets AND no flashing? We are truly blessed.

    26. A plaid shirt dress that'll make look putting together require one simple step: place over head. Next: throw purse in garbage. You're all set!

    27. A cotton pullover so this + leggings + deep pockets make you a very, VERY happy person. You know what, add ten hours of Netlix to the list. You deserve it.

    28. A split tie-dye maxi dress for looking boho chic while feeling smarter than all the NASA scientists combined. Did THEY ever think to carry all their belongings in this? I think not.

    29. A high-waisted pleated midi skirt to have something that'll go with EVERYTHING and never go out of style. Thank goodness, because we're about to get extremely attached to it when we never have to think about losing clutches again.

    30. A casual T-shirt dress, because this'll let you throw something on and leave in under ten minutes — and still look polished! Last step: throw keys and phone into this. Amazing.

    31. A colorblock mini skirt to make sure you're never sold short when it comes to having clever storage.

    32. A fluffy pullover hoodie that'll be your best friend during your next Starbucks run. Maybe don't put your coffee in this, but everything else can.

    33. A long-sleeved maxi dress for keeping your wallet *handy* for years to come — meaning it'll never go out of fashion. How could anything so genius be forgotten?!

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