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    29 Stylish Things That'll Stop You From Saying “I Have Nothing To Wear”

    Honestly, I spend more time in the morning thinking about what I'm going to wear than actually getting ready.

    1. A super-chic maxi dress you can wear to a holiday party and look amazing in without overheating. (Side note: Why do holiday parties always end up feeling like they're 1,000 degrees?!?)

    2. A truly showstopping blouse that will have all your friends exclaiming, "You've got to be kitten me right meow!"

    3. A sweatshirt dress you can throw on in the morning when you can't even imagine mustering up the effort to put on pants.

    4. A high-waisted faux leather skirt that instantly makes any look feel more badass.

    5. A knit pullover sweater you'll want to wear multiple days in a row. (Which is totally fine if you're seeing different people!)

    6. A ridged-edge striped sweater because it's always the right time to wear a striped sweater.

    7. A pencil dress made with 5% spandex, so you can wear it on Thanksgiving and still be comfortable after your second (and third) helping of mashed potatoes.

    8. A pair of overalls so you can finally fulfill your Mamma Mia dreams because I can't be the only one that's been singing "Dancing Queen" for months now...

    9. A patterned blouse to help ~mix~ up your every day style.

    10. A belted dress that's a cinch to throw on in the morning when you oversleep and want to get out the door ASAP.

    11. A vest you'll be plaid to throw over a basic tee to add a layer of warmth when the temperature fluctuates by 40 degrees in a single day.

    12. A pair of high-waisted "mom" jeans that are so comfortable and will give everything you already own a stylish new relaxed look.

    13. A suede bell-sleeve blouse everyone at your holiday parties will be raving about.

    14. An embroidered floral velvet shift dress you'll find yourself reaching for when you want to be comfortable but still look cute.

    15. A pair of wide-leg velvet pants that'll have you feeling yourself all night.

    16. An embroidered dress to fulfill all of your boho dreams.

    17. An oversized-sleeve sweater that looks so chic people might mistake you for a Parisian.

    18. A long-sleeved wrap top to help ~tie~ together that professional look you've been trying to master.

    19. A knit turtleneck sweater dress that will basically feel like you're wearing a warm blanket, but you'll look cute as hell.

    20. An open-back shirt that will show off that bralette you're in love with.

    21. A faux-leather midi skirt to help maximize your look.

    22. A floral cocktail party dress that will make you feel like a million bucks even though it only costs as much as two fancy cocktails.

    23. A sweater with a pile 'o pups so cute I can't even deal!!!!

    24. A knit blouse that will turn your basics up a knotch.

    25. A corduroy dress you'll be overall happy with because look how cute it looks on everyone!

    26. Or an oversized jacket that will make you a very cozy teddy bear ready to handle whatever the cold weather throws at you.

    27. A top with lace detailing to help you stop reaching for that same old black T-shirt.

    28. A ruffle peplum blouse you can wear to work and then straight to a date.

    29. An asymmetric long velvet blazer that will instantly make you feel fancier as soon as you put it on.

    That feeling when you wake up and realize you know exactly what you're going to wear.

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