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    Oct 31, 2018

    38 Stylish Things You'll Want On Your Body RIGHT NOW

    I don't want to outright say that you're an Instagram influencer now, but...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A high-waisted midi skirt designed for excessive twirling. Now get your phone out, pal, because it is time for a BOOMERANG.

    Get it from Amazon for $18.98+ (available in sizes S-XL and in 14 colors).

    2. A gorgeous wristwatch with a super classic look. I guess you can say this thing is timeless, eh?


    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in 10 colors).

    3. Wide-cut pants that will make you look and feel unbelievably trendy — even if, let's face it, you're not. Nothing wrong with that!


    Get it from Asos for $32 (available in sizes 12-28).

    4. Block heel sandals capable of dressing up any boring old white tee + blue jeans ensemble. And the best part? They won't make your feet ache after walking one (1) block. / Via @report_shoes

    And if you're currently thinking "WOW! I really wish these came in black," then you're in luck! Because they're available in black!

    Get them from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in sizes 6-10 and in three colors).

    5. An open blazer to add some polish to your look. Have a stressful business meeting tomorrow AM? Consider yourself P-R-E-P-A-R-E-D.


    Get it from Amazon for $17.64+ (available in sizes S-XXXL and in 40 colors).

    6. A denim jacket that you will wear from now until the end of time. To infinity and beyond. Until the cows come home. Until pigs begin to sprout wings and fly.

    Urban Outfitters

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $49 (originally $69, available in sizes XS-L).

    7. A flared cocktail dress you'll find yourself wearing to everything from birthday parties and bridal showers to weddings and graduation ceremonies. This dress will become your uniform.,

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99 (available in sizes XS-XL and in nine colors).

    8. An embroidered knit sweater that looks like it was plucked from some aesthetically-pleasing "unique clothing" board on Pinterest.


    Get it from Amazon for $34.99 (available in sizes S-L).

    9. Polarized, vintage-inspired sunglasses so inexpensive, you won't feel ridiculously guilty if and when you lose 'em, scratch 'em, sit on 'em, etc.,

    Get them from Amazon for $12.99 (available in six colors).

    10. A yellow bucket bag to replace all the sunshine you won't be getting for the next few months. Hello, winter. Back so soon? / Via @hm

    Get it from H&M for $24.99 (available in two colors).

    11. High-rise crop flare jeans because the time has FINALLY come to bid adieu to the tried-and-true skinnies you've been wearing for the past several years.


    Goodbye, skinny jeans. The time has finally come to let me calves BREATHE.

    Get them from Nordstrom for $41.40 (originally $69, available in sizes 24-34).

    12. A roll-neck bodysuit that will become your go-to winter basic. You can pair this pretty little thing with jeans, mini skirts, midi skirts, flare pants, and any other darn bottom you like to wear in public.


    Get it from Asos for $19 (available in sizes 12-22).

    13. A flared velvet skater skirt trying to officially change its name. To what, you ask? "Sk8er" skirt.


    YES, it is 2018. And YES, I'm still making Avril Lavigne references. They're good for the soul!

    Get it from Amazon for $8.50+ (available in sizes S-XL and in 20 colors).

    14. Ankle boots that pair perfectly with all of your favorite denim. These puppies = the kind of shoes you can wear every darn day. / Via @report_shoes

    Get them from Amazon for $39.10+ (available in sizes 6-10).

    15. A sleeveless dress perfect for that "you need to wear heels and an I-can't-fit-anything-inside-of-it-clutch" event you have coming up next month.,

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in sizes XS-XXL and in 33 colors).

    16. A fleece cardigan so soft, you'll never be able to part with it. Will you wear it every single day? Yep. Will you care about outfit repeating? Nope.


    Get it from Nordstrom for $35.40 (originally $59, available in sizes XXS-XXL and in four colors).

    17. Hoop earrings to turn your 'lobes into the ultimate "I'm wearing a wrinkled black tee and blue jeans because I woke up ten minutes ago" accessory.


    Promising review: "These earrings simple, elegant, and look exactly as pictured. Plus, they're lightweight!" —Camryn LeBoeuf

    Get them from Amazon for $8.39 (available in 32 colors).

    18. A denim button-up shirt because why should your legs get all the fun?! Your torso wants to wear some denim too, dammit!


    Get it from Mango for $39.99 (originally $59.99, available in sizes 10-18).

    19. A cartoon graphic tee that all your friends will be asking to borrow. For your own good, please do not let them — we both know that you will never get it back.


    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in sizes S-XXL and in seven colors).

    20. A chenille pullover you may confuse with an office supply product. Why? This is guaranteed to become a ~staple~ in your cold weather wardrobe.


    Get it from Target for $24.99 (available in sizes XS-XXL and in four colors).

    21. A keyhole crewneck for anyone who has been on the hunt for the perfect "I'M GOING OUT TONIGHT" top. Your hunt is over. This is it.


    Get it from Amazon for $29.68+ (available in sizes S-XL and in two colors).

    22. A snakeskin-inspired crossbody bag sure to ~slither~ into both your heart and your shopping cart. Don't fight it.

    River Island

    Get it from River Island for $56.

    23. A star-studded velvet dress that has "I'm wearing this to my birthday dinner" written all over it. Excuse me as I drool whilst staring at that gorgeous open back.


    Get it from Revolve for $40 (originally $60, available in sizes XXS-L).

    24. A wool wrap coat available in petite, regular, and tall lengths to guarantee the *chef kisses fingers* perfect fit. / Via @jcrew

    Get it from J.Crew for $106.80 (originally $178, available in sizes XXS-XXL, three colors, and in classic, petite, and tall lengths).

    25. A wide leg jumpsuit so comfortable, it will be an absolute joy to wear it. It may suck that you have to go out tonight, but hey! At least you get to feel cozy.,

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95+ (available in sizes S-L and in 10 colors).

    26. A velvet bodycon dress rumored to have inspired the creation of the 😍 emoji. Considering how gorgeous it is, this fact doesn't surprise me at all...


    Get it from Asos for $60 (available in sizes 12-24).

    27. A pleated top with a gorgeous sheer neck collar that I need on my body right this very second. I'm sure you feel the same way.


    Get it from Amazon for $23.99+ (available in sizes S-L).

    28. High-waisted skinny jeans made from a stretchy denim material that is *gasp* even comfier than your leggings. Sounds blasphemous, but I promise it's true.


    Get them from Nordstrom for $75 (available in sizes 23-37).

    29. A faux leather skirt complete with an elasticized waist. Buttons digging into your belly button? Consider that a thing of the dark ages. / Via @hm

    Get it from H&M for $17.99 (available in sizes 0-14).

    30. A cotton top that is conservative in the front, a total bow-ridden party in the back. Yowza, am I right?

    Neiman Marcus Last Call

    Get it from Neiman Marcus Last Call for $38.35 (originally $75, available in sizes S-M).

    31. High-rise ankle leggings currently wearing a disguise. They're trying to pass off as dress pants that are totally office-appropriate — and yes, they're succeeding at it.


    Get them from Nordstrom for $53.40 (originally $89, available in sizes 0X-3X and in four colors).

    32. A splurge-worthy corduroy blazer you can throw on over a wrinkled, dirty white top and some faded blue jeans. The result? An impeccable outfit. / Via @andotherstories, & Other Stories

    Get it from & Other Stories for $149 (available in sizes 0-10).

    33. A wine-colored sweater dress you can pair with some tights and over-the-knee boots for a look that fools everyone into thinking you have style!


    Get it from Tobi for $45 (originally $90, available in sizes S-L).

    34. A crewneck dress you will find yourself grabbing off the hanger over and over again. This is seriously the perfect little t-shirt dress!


    Get it from Amazon for $20 (available in sizes XS-XXL and in five colors).

    35. Lightweight tassel earrings to give your 'lobes a vibrant pop of color without weighing them down. These beauties = great quality + not heavy at all. / Via @baublebar

    Get them from BaubleBar for $20 (originally $40, available in nine colors).

    36. A cotton top with corset detailing to give this otherwise basic top a nipped-in silhouette. HELLO, WAISTLINE.


    Get it from Anthropologie for $39.95 (originally $78, available in sizes XXS-XL and in two colors).

    37. Cropped high-rise waxed jeans made with a gap-proof waistband AKA say goodbye to all the annoying, bulky, uncomfortable belts you've been forced to wear in the past.

    Good American

    Get them from Good American for $169 (available in sizes 00-24).

    38. A peplum top in a gorgeous burgundy color that *gasp* might inspire me to stop buying so much black clothing. Burgundy is the new black, I guess!


    Get it from ModCloth for $45 (available in sizes 4-30).

    My reaction to that velvet bodycon dress, below:

    20th Century Fox

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