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    37 Statement Pieces That’ll Make Your Whole Damn Outfit

    Attention-loving pieces that will be the ~focal point~ of your entire #ootd.

    1. Hoop earrings to turn your 'lobes into the ultimate "I'm wearing a wrinkled black tee and blue jeans because I woke up ten minutes ago" accessory.

    2. Slip-on sneakers you'll find yourself ~slipping~ into your shopping cart immediately. The versatility! The studs! How can you resist?

    3. A flared skater skirt sure to be the focal point of any outfit. Tuck in a shirt, add some booties, and BAM! An easy-yet-trendy look.

    4. A faux fur coat perfect for those days when you don't want to leave the bliss that is your bed. At least with this jacket, you'll FEEL like you're wearing your coziest blanket.

    5. Denim overalls to make it seem as if you put a ton of thought into your outfit — because overalls have the uncanny ability to make you look trendy in about .5 seconds. It's magic!

    6. Distressed skinny jeans with frayed hems to add a subtle spice to your denim jacket, white tee, and black shoes ensemble.

    7. Studded mules to make that deodorant-stained band tee look like it drinks matcha, loves fashion, and lives in an NYC loft.

    8. A velvet mini dress featuring side cut-outs that will have you asking people to ~cut it out~ with the compliments. You don't need your wardrobe to develop an ego, am I right?

    9. A quilted crossbody bag available in a gorgeous emerald and red color. It's also available in black, if you prefer that your purse match your soul.

    10. A layered coin necklace set because why keep your spare change in your wallet when you can wear it instead, eh?

    11. A biker jacket to add a much-needed pop of friggin' COLOR to your Wednesday Addams-esque closet. *pretends to wear anything other than black*

    12. A splurge-worthy watch best accessorized with an extremely fluffy cat. This gorgeous thing (the watch, not the cat) is water-resistant and designed with a leather strap. Talk about being timeless, eh?

    13. An embroidered bomber jacket that looks like the kind of hidden treasure you'd in some obscure, almost intimidatingly cool thrift shop.

    14. Drawstring joggers featuring striped sides to make your ~lewk~ seem fashion-forward, sure. But the REAL winner here? You'll also be feeling ridiculously comfy.

    15. A knit sweater that believes your shoulders should be exposed to the world. Why hide such beauty?

    16. Suede ankle boots destined for fame. In fact, I guess you could say they're already famous? They're already stars, after all...

    17. A double-breasted blazer guaranteed to make you feel 👏 READY 👏 for that hilariously unnecessary meeting you have today. You go, Glen Coco!

    18. An embroidered crossbody bag that is the kind of accessory you'll want to hide from your siblings. Will they try stealing it? I speak from experience when I say ABSOLUTELY.

    19. A mesh dress with ruffle trim and beaded accents to give your LBD game a serious, much-needed upgrade.

    20. Nickel-free drop earrings made from a (lightweight) recycled wood. That's right! That gorgeous marble print you see is on recycled wood.

    21. Kick crop jeans for anyone who's ready to stray from the skinny jean trend that has haunted their wardrobe for the past several years. But like, only slightly.

    22. A cotton sweater complete with embroidered sleeves that demand sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. So fussy.

    23. An adjustable multi-finger ring to wrap your typing mechanisms with intricate vines. Sigh. Such beauty! Such grace!

    24. A form-fitting bodysuit made with a luxe velvet material that takes a basic silhouette and gives it a fall- and winter-approved upgrade.

    25. A pleated skirt that may inspire impromptu spinning + a whole lot of Boomerang action on the 'gram. No judgement here, folks! You 'gram your heart out!

    26. A pair of high-waisted straight jeans known for ruining the sanctity of friendship. They're just so damn two-faced, you know?

    27. An oversized chenille sweater dress so cozy, it'll feel like a genuine (trick or) treat to wear it. Pro tip: Wear some over-the-knee boots with this beauty.

    28. Velvet leggings because plain black cotton leggings are so boring, don't ya think? You're young! Live a little! Take some risks!**

    29. Block heel sandals featuring polka-dot laces that look like they were plucked from Pinterest and placed on your feet.

    30. A lapel blazer in a gorgeous pink color for a look that says "I BARELY TRIED, BUT DAMN DO I LOOK FASHION-FORWARD!"

    31. Tapered crop pants that are the perfect I-don't-feel-like-wearing-jeans substitute. These can be worn with heels (for work, ugh) or with sneakers for a more casual look.

    32. A 14K gold-dipped moonstone ring worthy of a museum exhibit and dedicated Shakespearean sonnets. This is (spell it out with me) the definition of G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

    33. A high-waisted midi skirt perfect for anyone who absolutely REFUSES to start wearing pants. This chilly weather may take our lives, but it will never take away our love of skirts + dresses.

    34. A striped graphic tee to put that stained, yellowing t-shirt you've had for 900 years to rest. This fun top = the perfect upgrade.

    35. A straw crossbody bag because why consume the recommended daily dose of fruits when you can wear it instead?

    36. A cozy striped sweater ideal for chilly, there-are-leaves-on-the-ground weather. These fun colors will compliment the faded blue that defines your lived-in denim.

    37. A velvet off-the-shoulder top you can wear with your favorite jeans and BAM! You are now ready for all birthday celebrations and ID-requiring activities.

    Me, pairing some statement earrings with my plain white tee:

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