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    29 Beautiful Dresses So Cheap You'll Cry Tears Of Joy

    You can dry your eyes with all those dollar bills you're saving.

    1. A flowwwwwwy, long sleeve number perfect for your next autumn photoshoot.

    2. An off-the-shoulder sweater dress that proves that you can be sexy and cuddly at the same time.

    3. A corduroy overall dress for anyone who thinks Corduroy the bear has some seriously stealable style.

    4. A midi dress with some nice, big pockets perfect for storing all sorts of things, like your award for Best Dressed Person.

    5. A black and white stunner for some villainous style that Cruella de Vil would certainly approve of.

    6. A wing-backed skater that will make your endless search for the person LBD nevermore.

    7. A near-perfect swing dress that comes in lots of patterns, sizes, and oh, POCKETS.

    8. A tank dress ideal for layering with your favorite tees and turtlenecks.

    9. A short-sleeve cutie pretty much made to be worn with riding boots and a denim jacket.

    10. A varsity sweater that's not playing games when it comes to serious style.

    11. A criss-cross shift dress you can get even if you're ~strapped~ for cash.

    12. An oversized number for both casual and formal days — it's all about the accessories.

    13. A sweater dress that will trick everyone into thinking you're a master layer-er.

    14. A polka-dot shift dress to really ~round~ out your wardrobe.

    15. A camo bodycon that ironically makes you stand out instead of blend in.

    16. A '70s-inspired shirt dress you didn't even have to rescue from the back of your mom's closet.

    17. A stretchy fit-and-flare with some darling detailing on the scalloped skirt.

    18. A colorblock shirt dress so OMG-worthy, you'll get sick of the compliments by the end of the day.

    19. A comfy tee that would look just as good with leggings and boots in the winter as sneakers in the summer.

    20. A hoodie dress for a level of comfort you never thought possible while wearing a dress.

    21. A sweater dress for looking as cute as a button.

    22. A hi-low option you'll be ~plaid~ to have.

    23. A turtleneck sweater dress you don't even have to ~shell~ out big bucks for.

    24. A patterned maxi dress you won't be able to stop twirling in.

    25. A velvet mini dress so buttery soft, all other dresses you've been considering will be ~toast~.

    26. A darling dress with a zebra print that you might have ~herd~ is a good look this season.

    27. A wrap dress that will make you say, "well, that's a wrap!" on your search for your new favorite piece.

    28. A skater dress with cut-out shoulders so cute, all your other dresses will get jealous.

    29. A hi-low cocktail dress so stunning, you'll wonder how you attended an event without it.

    With dresses like these, you'll never wear pants again!

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