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    29 Amazing Accessories Your Boring-Ass Wardrobe Needs

    Add a little excitement to your plain tee and jeans.

    1. A pair of knee-high animal socks that have so much more personality than regular socks.

    2. A pair of cube earrings proving it's hip to be square.

    3. A bow scrunchie that's gentle with your hair AND your wrist. Just say no to indents on your wrist.

    4. A pair of pearly sunglasses that will make you say "oops a daisy," as you throw them in your cart.

    5. A pair of clear bauble earrings to match your bubbly personality.

    6. A set of hot cocoa socks for a sweet look peeking out from over your shoes.

    7. A pair of chunky, shiny booties because every day should be a day to dazzle onlookers.

    8. A lacy ruana to add a touch of edgy allure to any outfit.

    9. A pair of flame earrings for looking seriously hot.

    10. A Sailor Moon-inspired crossbody purse that has Luna's ears and moon emblem for style that's truly space-cial.

    11. A sweater-style scarf everyone will think is dino-mite.

    12. A pair of goldfish earrings, because you have quirky accessorizing in the bag.

    13. An elastic waist belt that will breathe new life into old dresses and ~leaf~ everyone speechless.

    14. A pair of non-subscription glasses for people trying to ~envision~ a new look for themselves.

    15. A set of fishnet socks everyone will be ~bowing~ down to.

    16. A pair of monstera earrings so unbe~leaf~ably stunning, you'll feel like you're on a tropical vacation every time you wear them.

    17. A bespectacled cat watch for always knowing what time it is because you won't be able to stop looking at it.

    18. A pair of flamingo earrings everyone will be ~tasseling~ you about the second they see them.

    19. Pom-pom dotted mittens that will make you come ~around~ to the idea of covering up your chilly paws.

    20. A wide-brimmed hat we promise your gorgeous head can totally pull off!

    21. A couple of pairs of lotus earring jackets to keep your earlobes looking stylish.

    22. A reliable pair of high heel Oxfords for some prep school charm long after you've graduated.

    23. A geometric acrylic ring so ~acute~ you might as well buy five.

    24. An oversized scarf ready to complete any and all autumnal looks this year.

    25. A cactus bucket purse that sure won't succ-ulent to have around.

    26. A planet necklace for anyone who is waaayy past having their head in the clouds.

    27. A circle scarf so versatile, you can wear it with an ~infinite~ amount of outfits.

    28. A pair of statement earrings you'll make a *point* of wearing all the time.

    29. And a Furby enamel pin for when you want to top off the perfect outfit with a little sass.

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