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    36 Things That'll Make You Look Dressed Up, Even If You're Incredibly Lazy

    "I would love to look amazing, but I'd have to put on pants...." Me, everyday.

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    1. A backless sweatshirt so you can stay in the comfiest of clothing while still convincing everyone you didn't just roll out of bed. Little do they know...

    2. A faux leather watch that'll be a *timeless* statement piece you can wear every single day to update any old outfit. No styling effort required.

    3. A cold shoulder maxi dress, because this'll basically feel like wearing a big T-shirt except you get full fashion credit. All hail one-and-done outfits πŸ™Œ!!!

    4. A lace cami for topping off your usual band t-shirts with *just* enough of an unexpected update. Don't worry, it takes about .05 seconds to put on.

    5. A plaid shirt dress so putting together a look requires one simple step: place over head. Ok, and put shoes on. But still very little motion for such an upscale effect!

    6. A pair of ruffled faux leather ankle booties that'll *elevate* your ensemble without the need for heels. As if.

    7. A leopard print knit cardigan, because people will go wild for this piece even when thrown over the same white t-shirt you've worn for years.

    8. A pair of polished track pants for continuing to live your life in sweats, but now looking like you actually tried. I mean we got out of bed this morning, that deserves SOME praise.

    9. A pair of vintage-y round sunglasses so you always look effortlessly cool β€” key word "effortless." Am I wearing makeup underneath these? Absolutely not.

    10. A faux leather skirt that'll immediately update your favorite sweaters. Just give your leggings a break for ONE day β€” they will still be there, I promise!

    11. A comfy knit dress with a collared bow, because this'll be the epitome of sneakily wearing a huge sweatshirt. Warning: you will feel inspired to binge Netflix at your desk.

    12. A pair of baggy denim overalls for getting ready in a ~snap~, aka tossing these over your go-to warm tops. Who knew something other than pajamas could be so satisfying?

    13. A loose knit sweater with bell sleeves so looking polished never cramps your style (which would really be anything that isn't roomy and soft).

    14. A pair of flared jeans that'll pair with anything just as easily as your usual black denim, but'll give your tops a little more edge.

    15. A pair of marbled drop earrings, because these'll turn heads every single time you wear 'em β€” messy bun included.

    16. A button-down top with a chic tie knot for staying true to your relentlessly casual self, plus a *touch* of polish. Will we be wearing a sports bra with this? You bet.

    17. A pair of water-resistant Hunter loafers so rainy days NEVER equal gloomy outfits again. Consider these the easiest solution to looking dressy despite gray mornings.

    18. A pair of velvet leggings that'll make you believe in miracles: getting to wear leggings AND looking incredibly fancy. I'll pass the tissues.

    19. A bell-sleeved suede top, because this'll make getting dressed for work feel surprisingly *smooth*. Yes, I suppose you can wear it with the black jeans you wore yesterday. SIGH.

    20. A faux leather aviator jacket for suddenly making your everyday workout leggings look right on trend. Believe in the power of this coat.

    21. A set of velvet scrunchies so messy buns are instantly the most luxurious part of your look. And all you had to do was "accidentally" wake up late!

    22. A lacey white blouse with a ruffled collar that'll make it essentially impossible not to look sophisticated. Not to mention you'll never go wrong styling this easy-peasy piece.

    23. A ribbed turtleneck dress, because what better than a high-necked midi to make you look totally adult? Maybe you'll even check your email today. Maybe.

    24. A metallic pleated skirt for ~shining~ brighter than anyone else in the room while still putting in minimal effort. There is simply no way you won't have 100 potential Instagrams by the end of the night.

    25. A pair of comfortable block heels with elasticized backs so you can rely on a pair of dressy shoes that you can actually wear all day β€” I SWEAR. Plus, they go with literally everything so you'll never find yourself stuck in front of your closet again.

    26. A wide-legged hooded jumpsuit that'll basically be like walking around in a onesie. Except now you're rewarded for it instead of getting in trouble for showing up to work in pajamas. The AUDACITY.

    27. An A-line plaid skirt with POCKETS, because all your plain t-shirts just found a new home β€” and it's with this. If only it were that easy for all of us to find a ~great match.~

    28. A velvet wrap bodysuit for having a dressy ally that won't ever demand you tuck it in throughout the day. In fact, it promises to do all the work for you.

    29. A convertible faux leather backpack so you have an upscale go-to accessory *by your side* all darn season. Did I mention it doubles as a crossbody?

    30. A hi-lo maxi top that'll doll you up for a night out without tearing you from the comfort of soft t-shirts. Nothing to be afraid of here.

    31. An embroidered top, because I'll tell you a secret: this is a sweatshirt in disguise. I'll keep this between us.

    32. A backless v-neck jumpsuit for winning Best Dressed at any formal event (and also secretly Tried The Least). Do you deserve the red carpet in this stunner? Y-E-S.

    33. A set of patterned stockings so your usual LBD gets an easy update. Shopping for a new one would have been way too much work.

    34. A bohemian embroidered dress with dramatic sleeves that'll ask of you only two small favors: black tights and boots. It'll take the rest from there.

    35. A plush turtleneck sweater, because you DESERVE to be nothing but cozy. But sadly we can't go to work in Snuggies...but with this you'll never want to.

    36. A cashmere-like blanket scarf for adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the same exact jacket you've been wearing all season β€” and will definitely wear next season, too.

    Trying to mentally go through your closet from bed like:

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