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    Just 8 Everlane Products That We Really Love

    Cotton jeans, 100% Italian suede shoes, comfy mockneck tees, and a whole bunch of other stuff that BuzzFeed writers and editors feel 😍 about.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Everlane is an amazing clothing and accessories company that focuses on creating quality, designed-to-last pieces WITHOUT marking up their costs up to $$$$$$$ levels.

    They also partner with ethical factories (the same ones used by major designers) to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions.

    Long story short? WE LOVE THEM and here are some of our absolute favorite products:

    1. A lightweight cotton mockneck tee that'll encourage you to pack light for your next vacation. This is ALL you're going to be wearing. Scouts honor.


    "This t-shirt has instantly become my favorite top in my drawer. I recently brought this cotton tee on vacation with me and found myself reaching for it every single day. (It turns out I could have packed waaaay lighter, since I barely wore any other tops the whole week.) It's insanely comfortable and the perfect fit. The length is not quite cropped, but not awkwardly long either. I'm also a big fan of the sleeves, which are a good length for rolling up. The best part is that, although it's white, it's not see-through at all. I even wore a black bra underneath with no problem! I really recommend this to t-shirt fans who want something they can throw on and feel confident without having to put in any effort whatsoever." —Rebecca O'Connell

    Price: $22 ($35 traditional retail, available in sizes XXS-XL and in six colors)

    2. Italian leather block heels to give your silhouette some added height without — GASP — making your feet feel like they're in an unbearable amount of pain.

    Emma McAnaw, AnaMaria Glavan

    "To put it plainly, I'm not a huge fan of heels, but, when I saw these highly-reviewed Everlane Day Heels, I fell...well, head over heels! That two-inch block heel? Totally after my comfy-first philosophy! I love that they come in *so many* colors, as well as suede, soft leather, and patent finishes. I got the navy suede because it's not quite black, but it's dark enough to hide little scruffs, and it's still easy to pair with just about everything in my wardrobe: jeans, dresses, and basically everything else in my wardrobe (I didn't realize there were so many blue tones in it, lol).

    So, let's talk about wear. My first thought after I slipped these puppers on was, 'HOLY SHIT, are these really heels? They don't feel like any heels I've ever worn, period. They're so comfortable.' I knew the heel would be low, but I didn't expect them to actually feel like flats. And the best part is — drumroll, please — the elasticized backs are SO soft and stretchy (the little loop also makes it super easy to get a snug fit), that there were no blisters/rubbing/anything on the back of my heel and the bony part of my achilles (anatomy isn't my strong point, sorry). Usually the backs of my heels are war zones of overlapping bandages for the first five times I wear a new pair of shoes before they are painfully broken in. I did have to loosen up the front parts of the shoes a bit with the 'ol thick-socks-and-blowdryer-trick, but that took all but a minute. I walked around in them all day long with no problem and actually felt sad about having to take them off when I got home — so, yeah, these are what I call 'game changers.' Even though I'll still keep my flats in rotation, I felt more sophisticated and purposeful walking around the office when I have my Day Heels on — they make me feel like a Real Professional Adult Woman, and a few, much-needed inches taller at that! Bless you, Everlane." —Sarah Han

    Get them from Everlane for $145 ($305 traditional retail, available in sizes 5-11 and 13 colors).

    3. A 100% cotton denim jacket sure to become a go-to wardrobe staple. And no, not the office supply kind.

    Jennifer Tonti / BuzzFeed

    "I wasn't sure what to expect from this denim jacket because I've never shopped at Everlane before, but I loved how it looked online so I rolled the dice!

    I'm super happy I did because this has become such a staple jacket in my closet. It was the perfect transitional jacket from the end of winter into all of spring, the fit was perfect, and I could button it up on chilly nights if I wanted to. Also, the color is bright but not washed out, so I feel vibrant while being able to style this with just about any outfit! Another big plus for me was that I could roll up the sleeves. Some denim jackets are so stiff that you're just stuck with them down all the time! I get WAY too hot for that! Overall, I'm super happy with the jacket and have literally worn it, like, 100 times since I got it! 10/10" —Jennifer Tonti

    Price: $88 ($185 traditional retail, available in sizes XXS-XL and in three colors)

    4. Midweight chino shorts designed with a stretch cotton material that is breathable, stretchy, and swoon-worthy.


    "I’ve been trying to add more orange and yellow to my wardrobe lately, so I decided to try the Everlane’s chino 7” slim shorts. I never saw myself as a person who could rock orange at all, and the idea of orange shorts felt like an even bigger risk. But I couldn’t be happier with these shorts. They are mid-rise, the perfect length, and super comfortable. I have been wearing outfits I would usually wear with plain black shorts, and the orange really takes my outfits to another level. These fit true to size, and they are most comfortable pair of shorts I own. I even went on a bike ride in them recently, and they didn’t ride up/make me over-heat! I am actually looking forward to warmer weather now (I usually dread it because I don't know what to wear). These shorts are a perfect way to add some color to your spring/summer wardrobe, and I recommend them to anyone who is looking to switch things up a bit." —Francine Hendrickson

    Price: $55 ($115 traditional retail, available in sizes 29-38 and in 12 colors)

    5. Kick crop jeans for anyone who's ready to stray from the skinny jean trend. But like, only slightly.


    "I left behind bootcut in middle school, and have been exclusively wearing skinny jeans since high school. I find that high-waisted skinnies are almost *always* flattering and I've never felt the need to stray. HOWEVER! I've been getting kind of sick of wearing the same boring old silhouette on my legs, so BAM! I decided to try out the Everlane kick crop jeans. Final verdict? I love them!

    First, you can tell these these jeans are some quality pants. They have a slight stretch to them, but feel super sturdy when you're sliding them on. Like, these will not tear at your thighs after a couple of wears. Second, I've washed them a ton of times and the black has not faded at all. And third, the fit itself is fantastic! These jeans stay skinny through about mid-calf, and they flare out just a teeny bit — I feel like this style actually elongates my leg, and they're easy to wear with any top in my closet. I've worn these at least 908 times and will probably end up ordering 'em in white." —AnaMaria Glavan

    Price: $78 ($150 traditional retail, available in sizes 24-33 and in four colors)

    6. Slingback flats made from 100% Italian suede. These investment-worthy babies are both comfy and high-quality.


    "There are two things I reliably love when it comes to shopping: brands that advertise on podcasts, and things that are mustard yellow, so my obsession with the Everlane Editor Slingbacks was written in the stars. I've been an Everlane fanatic since 2012 (brag) when I bought my first perfect, reasonably-priced T-shirt from them. Since then, I've accumulated enough of their apparel that it's a rare day that I'm not wearing at least one Everlane article. And I love all my ethically made, radically transparent, simple-yet-stylish children! These shoes, though, are truly special.

    I never know what shoes to wear in the summer. I don't like sandals (toes are gross and private!), but I also don't want the dreaded swamp foot. These shoes are the perfect compromise, and as an added bonus, they go with everything (mustard is a neutral, don't @ me). They're the perfect work shoe, and I recently wore them to a wedding in lieu of heels, which really increased the amount of time I could spend on the dance floor — sorry, everyone. I was worried that the slingback would rub, but I am pleased to report that after two weeks, I have had zero friction issues. What. A. Dream.

    Though I haven't had these for long, as an Everlane fanperson, I can vouch for the general quality of their wares. If you're looking for a versatile summer shoe in the best color (again, don't @ me) (also they come in other colors) that will hide your toe-shame, I can't recommend these highly enough." —Jessie Gaynor

    Price: $155 (available in sizes 5-11 and in four colors)

    7. A cotton jean dress with POCKETS — because what's better than a dress with pockets? Absolutely nothing.


    "I live in dresses and have a closet packed with mostly A-line silhouettes. I’ve historically stuck with that 'flattering' shape but recently told myself that I should just wear what I want to wear — society’s standards of 'flattering' be damned! So when I eyed this boxy denim beaut, I thought it’d be an incredibly comfy way to branch out of my comfort zone.

    A denim dress may sound like a heavyweight option for high temps, but its relaxed shape and medium weight is a solid, breezy summer option that won’t fly up in an sudden breeze. The notched collar makes it even easier to move around in and I can’t help but find my hands in the *generously deep* pockets (as you can see) without noticing. It does wrinkle a bit around the thighs when you sit down, but so is the case with most dresses of this weight. I sized up one size when it is pretty true to size, so it’s a little boxier on me than on Everlane’s models. It’s basically a blank slate for a variety of fun colorful accessories, like these sunnies and sneakers." —Elizabeth Lilly

    Price: $45+ ($120 traditional retail, available in sizes 00-14 and in two colors)

    8. High rise skinny jeans you'll basically want to wear every 👏 single 👏 day 👏. Excuse me while I buy these in every color.


    "One of my favorite things about aging (tied with the increasing social acceptability going home early) is that you figure out the kind of clothing that makes you feel most like yourself. Which is why, now that I'm past 30, I find myself with four pairs of high-waisted black skinny jeans. You could say that I'm kind of a high-waisted black skinny jeans connoisseur. So when I tell you that the Everlane high rise skinny jeans are not only the cheapest pair I own ($68) but also the best, you can rest assured that I know of which I speak.

    A word about stretch: I really want to be the kind of person who can wear un-stretchy denim, because I think it looks a bit more polished than super-stretch. The proportions of my body, however, rarely cooperate. Inevitably, when a pair of non-stretch jeans fit my waist, my thighs get stuck about an inch below where they're meant to be. It's like trying to cram too much Play Doh into a canister. The beauty of the Everlane jeans is that they're almost un-stretchy — they're 98% cotton and 2% elastane. In other words, they're sneaky-stretchy. And they fit like a dream. They also don't lose their shape throughout the day, as super-stretch jeans tend to do.

    If you want a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans that are the perfect marriage of rigid and stretchy (and are well under $100), get a pair of these little miracles on your body." —Jessie Gaynor

    Price: $68 ($140 traditional retail, available in sizes 24-33 and in five colors)

    Check out more amazing products on the Everlane website!


    ^You, thinking about Everlane.

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    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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