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    These Cult-Fave Leggings Have Big Pockets, Are Comfy, And Did I Mention They Have Pockets?

    More than one reviewer fit a whole bottle of champagne into these leggings' pockets, which is definitely more impressive than any workout.

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    Every so often we decide we're in the mood to exercise. I'd say once a month? Year? Doesn't matter β€” when it happens our clothes make a big difference!


    I'm talking sweat control, breathability, flexibility...anything to make the next hour of my life at least a little easier.

    So when I saw the raving reviews about these Ododos high-waisted leggings ($15.08+ on Amazon) in a whopping ~37 colors~, I knew there must be something special. I mean, who get this excited about the gym?!

    Promising review: "As an avid runner, I am always looking for a comfortable breathable lightweight capri. I always carry my phone so I can listen to my downloaded running playlist. The bilateral side pockets carry my iPhone 7 well without pulling down for my longer distant runs due to the higher reinforced waist. The material provides good coverage where the underwear and lines don't show through. The compression is not bad, not too tight, and definitely not loose. The material is also comfortable soft and wicks moisture away nicely. I appreciate the reinforced stitching. Since I live in the desert, the winters are mild in the evening so these provide some coverage and warmth needed when the evening temperature is low" β€”Lentil1

    And low and behold, these ARE something special! These babies are impressive. First of all, they have POCKETS! Plus, they feature four-way stretch, opaque fabric, and work to remove moisture from your body. Basically they want you to feel like this:

    Comedy Central

    They're available as both capris and long pants, and in sizes S-XXL!

    Want proof? There are 2,575 five-star reviews and a 4.2 star rating on Amazon!

    Promising review: "I need to buy about 10 more pairs of these because now they're the only thing I want to wear. I use them mostly to lift so I can listen to music and not have to figure out what to do with my phone while doing squats. So basically they are magic. I also thought I would hate the high waist. But I don't. They look great and are so comfortable!" β€”Karen Ziemianski

    How big are the pockets, you say? Big enough to fit a whole bottle of champagne! I am FEELING ALIVE, my friends.

    Promising review: "I was skeptical about buying these pants, as I am about most exercise clothing online. I got them in and wore them for a run. After my run I celebrated with champagne. Low and behold...these pants fit a whole bottle of champagne in the pocket! This was a phenomenal feature! Since then, my run times have improved tremendously. I highly recommend these pants for this feature alone." β€”Jessie Shiyou

    Thousands of people attest to their ability to stay up the whole darn workout (hello, dependable high-waist) *and* keep them cool and happy, courtesy of the dry-wicking fabric. Ya can't ask for much more.

    Promising review: "These leggings are the best. I have been buying leggings for years and there’s always something wrong with them. Too tight in some places, too loose in others, material too thin or too thick, or the waist rolls down and suffocates my stomach. These leggings are just perfect. They're perfect for hiking or more intense workouts. They also look more fitted and cute so I’ll be buying more to run errands in and have casual hangouts in." β€”Erin

    Thanks to their four-way stretch, you'll stay perfectly comfortable no matter your workout. They'll move *with* your body: whether you're doing yoga, running, spinning, whatever!

    Promising review: "Four-way stretch? Where has this been all my life? I wanted to fully test before giving my review. I did a run on the treadmill: one hour of running/walking. They stayed up and didn't fall at all. There are actually pockets on both sides which was a pleasant surprise. They survived burpees and squats and are thick and cozy without shifting. Four-way stretch is no joke. Why waste money on brand-name leggings when you can get these? They're honestly worth as much as the Nike and Under Armour clothing, but these feel better." β€”Amber F

    AND! The material is designed to fit to your curves so they'll feel practically custom-made. I can't even say that about my darn sweats.

    Promising review: "These leggings are great and I don't know how it took me so long to purchase pocket leggings. I hate hate, hate carrying my phone while running and it's so freeing to have my phone stored away so that I can focus on my stride." β€”Stetson and Megan Jenkins

    Not to mention that these babies are so cheap, you can stock up on all their fun 37 colors! And you better believe this soft fabric will avoid any chafing.

    Promising review: "I used to think that pants are just pants. Boy am I wrong. I got really bad chaffing on my thighs from running and walking daily for five to six miles. The type of fabric really makes a difference. ODODOS pants are super stretchy and very smooth against my skin between my thighs. I own ODODOS athletic pants with pockets in three lengths. The shorter (above knee length) to wear on warmer days, this capri length on other regular days, and the ankle length for winter days." β€”Nicole S

    One more action shot of their blessed pockets, because these made me a believer again. I am...almost....ready to hit that treadmill. Let me just stretch for a few hours.

    Promising review: "I am absolutely in love with these workout pants! Why you ask? They are literally the first and only pair of high-waisted workout pants that I have bought that TRULY stay up on your waist! The leggings are also very thick and sturdy, which I don't know that I was really expecting. None of my more popular brands were up to par and I had issues them. I love the way these leggings fit and feel on. Mine are very snug and stay in place. The pocket is the *oh so lovely* added bonus! I used it for my phone. Overall, these are a definite plus!" β€”NatrlRN

    Tl;dr: these SUPER flexible and comfy leggings will have you going like this:


    Get them from Amazon for $15.08+ (available in sizes S-XXL and in 37 colors).

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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