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    23 Things To Eat In The UK Before You Die

    Best of British.

    1. BBQ at Low 'N' Slow, Birmingham

    Low 'N' Slow

    Meat so tender it falls off the bone, sticky ribs and charcoal flamed cuts. This might just be the best barbecue you'll ever have.

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    2. Eggs at Cafe Yolk, Reading

    Facebook: cafeyolk

    "When I first moved to Reading I made it my priority to seek out the best place to head for brunch, and the popular consensus was that Café YOLK are responsible for serving up the best in town. They won South East regional Cafe/Bistro of the Year in The Food Awards England, probably in part thanks to their infamous fry-ups, and as their name might suggest, their incredible eggs. This is obviously the place to go for your eggs benny fix."

    Georgie Pursey

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    3. Street Food at Mowgli, Liverpool

    4. Gelato at Jack's Gelato, Cambridge

    5. Hummus at Humpit, Leeds

    Facebook: pg

    "If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right – and Humpit do hummus right. Go for a classic bowl of their creamy hummus, served with your choice of toppings (I recommend the spicy salsa) and hunks of fresh pitta bread to mop it all up. Their stuffed pittas are also a great takeaway lunch option if you're passing by the Corn Exchange."

    Amy Richards

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    6. A scotch egg at Pint Shop, Oxford

    7. Sharing plates at 64 Degrees, Brighton

    8. Burgers at Ruby, Exmouth

    9. Bao at Ninja Buns, Edinburgh

    Ninja Buns

    Pillow soft Taiwanese bao filled with juicy meat and crunch vegs and nuts. If you don't get at least two, you're playing yourself.

    10. Jerk chicken at James Cochran EC3, London

    11. Deep fried zucchini at Zucco, Leeds

    12. Seafood at Crabshakk, Glasgow

    13. Pad Thai at My Thai, Leeds

    14. Wild mushroom wellington at Milk & Sugar, Cardiff

    15. Fish and chips at Hip Hop Chip Shop, Manchester

    Hip Hop Chip Shop

    Fish n chips for those looking for a different twist on a classic. FYI, the battered sausage burger is also brill.

    16. Charcuterie at Friends of Ham, Leeds

    Friends of Ham

    "The key is in the name; the guys at Friends of Ham really know their charcuterie so it's definitely worth popping in for an afternoon sampling their meat and cheese selection along with a few choice bevvies."

    Amy Richards

    17. Oreo Madness freakshake at Coco Gelato, Cardiff

    Coco Gelato

    "Choosing just one thing from Coco Gelato is hard work. There is so much worth trying if you have a sweet tooth. But their "Oreo Madness" holds a special place in my heart as the biggest and best freakshake I have seen. Not only does it have oreo ice cream, it also has little mini oreos sat on top of a mountain of fluffy cream, as well as pieces of cookie dough to discover."

    Abigail Powell

    18. Session fries at Patty Smith's, Leeds

    Patty Smith

    "Come for the best burgers in Leeds, stay for the Session Fries. The burgers are dirty, but these fries are downright filthy – covered in smoked pancetta, pecorino, fried rosemary, pickled chillies, Sriracha chilli mayo and rosemary sea salt. You could share... or you could not."

    Amy Richards

    19. Yorkshire puddings at The Wig & Mitre, Lincoln

    The Wig & Mitre

    "The Wig & Mitre is not only a delightful watering hole with original beams and fireplace but also a stellar eatery for pub grub and the finest Yorkshires in all of Lincoln. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, they could challenge Yorkshire's own for best pud."

    Gina Clarke

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    20. Pizza at Calabrisella, Cardiff

    21. Okra fries at Bundobust, Leeds


    "When it comes to the Bundobust menu, you can't go too far wrong. Their Vada Pav, Masala Dosa and Bhel Puri are all shining stars but it's the okra fries that you really can't miss."

    Amy Richards

    22. Grilled Cheese at Grill My Cheese, London

    Grill My Cheese

    Three words: Macaroni. Grilled. Cheese. The Baby Got Mac (pictured above) has both pulled pork and macaroni cheese and is maybe the best grilled cheese in London.

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    23. Baked goods at The Spotless Leopard, Bristol

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