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    18 Things You Need To Eat In Oxford

    Oxfood is delicious.

    1. A Scotch egg at Pint Shop

    2. Tea and cake at The Ashmolean.

    Gianna Goulding

    If the moist cakes and speciality teas at this top floor gallery eatery don’t float your boat then the incredible views will. It ain’t called the City of Dreaming Spires for nothing, you know.

    3. A slice at Pizza Artisan.

    Isaac Parham

    This pizza-toting street food van is legendary in Oxford circles, as shown by the hoards of hungover students that descend on St Aldates whenever it parks up. A lesson in simplicity, Pizza Artisan's thin-slice pizzas rely on just a few quality fresh ingredients but are well worth the queues.

    4. Momo at Yeti.

    Oxford Mail / Via

    Yeti, a Nepalese joint on the Cowley Road, is rated highly by Oxfordians, mainly because it has introduced the city to the Momo — a South Asian dumpling that can be filled with everything from ground meat to paneer cheese — a.k.a the snack so good they named it twice.

    5. Pork shank at Moya.

    Moya / Via

    Oxford’s only Slovakian resto’ has one hell of a pork shank dish: cooked over several hours until it’s falling off the bone, it comes served with a beer sauce and potato gratin.

    6. Scones at Vaults and Garden Cafe.

    7. Cheese 'n' truffle fries at Rickety Press.

    8. Biryani at Shezan.

    9. Avocado Toast at George Street Social.

    10. A Thai curry at Oli's Thai.

    11. Cakes and brownies at Barefoot Kitchen.

    12. Steak and chips at The Magdalen Arms.

    13. Sausage and egg muffin at Jam Factory.

    Isaac Parham

    Have some time to kill in Oxford before catching a train? Head to the Jam Factory, just round the corner from the station, where at breakfast you will find this wicked take on a Maccy D’s classic as well as homemade cereals, whisky porridge and cracking toast and jam.

    14. Dim Sum at Zheng

    15. Pizza pie at Mario's.

    16. Thai noodle soup at Chiang Mai Kitchen.

    17. A slap-up brunch at Gee's.

    Gee's / Via

    The ‘rents are in town, where do you take them? A brunch at Gee’s would be a good place to start – the conservatory dining area is suitably plush and the cooked breakfasts are pleasing to the eye and the gob.

    18. Veggie small plates at GAF.

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