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    19 Problem-Solving Hacks Every Car Owner Should Try

    How to remove scratches, hide your cash, and cool down your steering wheel.

    1. Stick a muffin tin in a laundry basket to hold your drinks if there aren't enough cupholders for your whole group.

    2. Keep a cereal dispenser in your door so you have a discreet place to toss your trash.

    3. Wipe your steering wheel with a damp cloth if it's so hot you can barely touch it.

    When u live in bakersfield and its 283728829 degrees so ur steering wheel is too hot

    If you've never had this problem, you haven't driven a car in summertime. To quickly cool down your steering wheel (or seat or seatbelt), just spritz a cloth with cool water and wipe everything down. You can keep the water and cloth in your dashboard. It's okay if the water gets hot — it's actually the evaporation that cools everything down. Learn more here.

    4. Make a secret compartment for your cupholder.

    5. Hang a sheet protector from the seat rest so your kids can watch movies on long car rides.

    6. Pop this magnetic attachment on your air vent to mount your phone the second you get in the car.

    7. Spritz your seats with water and pull a squeegee across the seats to easily collect the pet hair.

    8. Attach a pool noodle to the garage wall so you don't damage your car every single time you open the door.

    9. Clean your windshield wipers with alcohol wipes if you keep getting annoying streaks.

    10. Mix up some cleaning slime to get the crumbs out of awkward crevices.

    11. Suspend a cargo net from the ceiling to stow your coats above everyone's heads.

    12. Hang your purse and umbrellas from a carabiner so they're not rolling around on the floor.

    13. Move keys on and off the ring with a staple remover.

    14. Leave the remains of a candle in the car to make the interior smell like your favorite scent.

    15. Or clip cotton balls scented with your favorite essential oil so the smell is released every time the air is on.

    16. Keep quarters in a pill bottle so you don't have to dig around the seats to find enough to feed the meter.

    17. Encourage your kids to be on their best behavior on road trips with this simple behavior tracker.

    18. Mix club soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and dish soap to make a natural car cleaner.

    19. Spray your windshield with watered-down rubbing alcohol to quickly break down the frost on chilly mornings.

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