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    Use This Hack Instead Of Buying A Pricey Essential Oil Diffuser

    Lemme hear you say "fresh"! Now lemme hear you say "soothing"!

    Misting the gentle aroma of your favorite essential oil in your home is AMAZE — but, TBH, we don't all want to spend upwards of 40 hard-earned dollars on a diffuser.

    Fortunately, there's a borderline genius hack that lets you achieve the same ~relaxing~ effect for FREE.

    You probably already own everything you need for this hack too! Here's how it works — in five simple steps:

    1. Get yourself a clothespin.

    2. Put four globs of hot glue on it.

    3. Stick a lil' cotton pompom to each glob.

    4. Put a couple drops of your chosen essential oil (pssst...go for eucalyptus) on each pompom.

    5. Clip the pin to an air vent in your home — or in you car — to create a reusable diffuser!

    The airflow from the vent will waft the scent of the oil from the pompoms throughout your space.

    Boom. You've got yourself a DIY diffuser — and more money in your bank account.