17 Little Things I Wish I'd Known Before Hosting My First Party

    Label wine glasses with a Sharpie and wash it off later!

    1. Send out a Google Calendar invite, so even your most forgetful guests have your event details written down.

    2. And set up a collaborative Spotify playlist, so everyone can add their favorite jams.

    3. Give any neighbors within shouting distance your number so they can let you know if the party gets too loud.

    4. Start cleaning a few days before the event so you aren't frantically shoving everything into a closet the morning of.

    5. Make a big-batch punch if you don't have a ton of cash to spend on alcohol.

    6. And leave a Sharpie out for guests to label their glasses — you can wash it right off after the party.

    7. If you're cooking, go for recipes you already know how to make.

    8. And have a few vegan and gluten-free options on hand just in case a new-ish friend hasn't told you about their dietary restrictions.

    9. Remember to buy a lot of ice.

    10. If you're hosting a big group, replace your bathroom hand towel with a roll of paper towels.

    11. And leave extra toiletries out in the open, so your coworker isn't fumbling around in your cabinets looking for a tampon.

    12. Arrange your seating thoughtfully so people can still get around without bumping into the furniture.

    13. Turn off the heat an hour or so before your guests arrive.

    14. Remember to introduce guests who don't know anyone so they aren't awkwardly standing in a corner texting.

    15. And have a few games in mind in case things get awkward.

    16. Send guests home with leftovers in the containers that are cluttering up your closet.

    17. And have a game plan for (politely) kicking out those guests who tend to linger.