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    14 Things That Get So Filthy They Need Cleaning At Least Once A Week

    Your kitchen sink has A THOUSAND times more bacteria than your toilet.

    Graphic of someone cleaning a toilet, with text that says "14 things you should be cleaning at least once a week"

    Listen, I get it — cleaning sucks. But after chatting with a germ expert on the dirtiest areas in common households, I am doubling-up on bleach and never complaining about chores EVER AGAIN.

    1. Kitchen sink: every day

    2. Kitchen counters: every day

    3. Refrigerator: once a week

    4. Floors: once a week

    5. Bath towels: every three uses — so at least once or twice a week

    6. Bathroom hand towels: every couple days

    7. Toilet: once a week

    8. Bathroom rugs: once a week

    9. Sheets: once a week

    10. Kids' toys: at least once a week

    11. Washing machine: once a week

    12. Makeup brushes: once a week

    13. Cell phones: every day

    14. Work desks: every day

    And when someone is sick: CLEAN EVERYTHING MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK.

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    Graphic on how often to clean various items