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    20 Things That'll Make You A Better Neighbor

    Win everyone over by establishing a book-lending cupboard.

    There's a Dutch proverb that says it's better to have a good neighbor than a distant friend, and that's pretty freakin' wise.

    Take a cue from the Dutch and try some of these tricks to become the best neighbor on your block:

    1. Actually introduce yourself.

    2. Create a directory for your street or building.

    3. Get in the habit of saying hello when you cross paths.

    4. Spend time on your front porch, front garden, or neighborhood benches.

    5. Be mindful of their schedule.

    6. And tell them what's going on with yours, too.

    7. Be considerate about any loud noises you, your pets, or your kids make.

    8. Give your neighbors a heads-up before you throw a party.

    9. And if you really want to wow them, leave a little apology note with extra unopened party snacks the next day.

    10. Bring them a tray of treats at the holidays.

    11. Or, send them a festive card.

    12. Establish a book-lending cupboard.

    13. Share your restaurant recommendations for the area.

    14. Be direct about issues, rather than passive-aggressively posting about them on Facebook or Nextdoor.

    15. Build a community garden.

    16. Split a CSA.

    17. Start a tool-sharing program.

    18. Start a wiffle ball tournament (or another sport!).

    19. Host a block party.

    20. And remember to manage your expectations.

    BTW, The Little Book of Lykke inspired a few ideas on this list, and I'd highly recommend picking up a copy for more heartwarming ways to build community. Get it from Amazon for $10.99, Barnes & Noble for $12.99, or a local bookseller through IndieBound.