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    13 Tricks For Designing With Color That Are Actually Just Super Interesting

    When in doubt, use the rule of three.

    Decorating with color can be hella intimidating, especially if you're looking to paint or invest in new furniture.

    1. If all your decor is colorful, keep the walls white so the room doesn't feel too cluttered.

    2. If you definitely want to paint or wallpaper, consider accent walls that won't overwhelm the room.

    3. And don't leave the accent wall totally bare, because it can throw off the balance of the room.

    4. You can also split the room with neutral paint, if you love color but aren't sure a bright accent wall is really your thing.

    5. Or strike the perfect balance with the 60-30-10 rule.

    6. Apply the rule of three when mixing patterns, and maintain the same color intensity no matter how wild things get.

    7. Choose warm colors if you want to feel energized, cool colors to feel relaxed, and a mix of both to turn some heads.

    8. Play up a bold color with high-contrast accents, but keep the rest of the room totally neutral.

    9. Or try a triad if you're feeling brave — just make sure to maintain the consistency of the the color saturation.

    10. Design your color scheme around the biggest piece of artwork, to anchor the room around a centerpiece.

    11. If your room is quite minimalist, add colorful accents so it doesn't feel too sterile or uninviting.

    12. Go through your photo album to find fresh inspiration from everyday life.

    13. And follow designers and bloggers on Pinterest to find more inspiration for every color aesthetic.

    Now go wild! You've got this.