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    13 Things In Your Home That You Should Be Cleaning But Probably Aren’t

    When was the last time you cleaned your fridge? Be honest.

    Even if you keep a relatively clean home, there are probably a few nooks and crannies you regularly overlook.

    1. Scrub and sanitize your sink at least once a week because it's one of the most germ-ridden spots in your kitchen.

    2. Vacuum your screens from the inside, or run a soft brush across them, to clean the dirt off without taking them out of your window.

    3. And use a toothbrush and a butter knife to clean out the window tracks.

    4. Run a short cycle on your laundry machine with detergent and then rub the inside with a bleach solution to clean and sanitize the tub.

    5. Scrub grout with baking soda or bleach if it's looking worse for wear.

    6. Spray some oven cleaner onto your oven's interior at least every season so your food doesn't smell or taste smokey.

    7. Spray your doorknobs with an all-purpose cleaner once a week to get rid of smudges and fingerprints.

    8. Dip a pad mop in warm soapy water and gently run against the walls every year or so to get rid of dirt and dust.

    9. Wipe down your light switches and outlets once a week, and clean out the crevices of the switch with a cotton swab.

    10. Wash your bathroom sink at least once a week because — brace yourself — it's got more fecal contamination than your actual toilet. 🤢

    11. Unpack your entire fridge so you can toss the expired stuff and scrub it from top to bottom.

    12. Clean the outside of your kitchen cabinets every few weeks and the inside every few months, because ew.

    13. Soak your air vents and filters in soapy water.

    Any areas we missed that have you stumped? Ask about it in the comments and we'll get to it next time!