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    15 Genius Home Decor Tricks That Experts Want You To Know

    Smart ideas from Nate Berkus, Emily Henderson, and four other home experts.

    We asked six home designers for their best tips for someone trying to make their home look a bit nicer or work a bit better and they had some pretty helpful ideas.

    1. When you know something needs to change in a room but can't figure out what, take pictures.

    2. Don't hesitate to rearrange furniture so it actually fits the way you use a room.

    3. For something totally fresh, try taking all of your furniture out of a room, then putting it back in a different way.

    4. Write down your hopes and dreams down before negotiating with your S.O. or roommate.

    5. Consider every item that you bring into your home or decide to keep.

    6. And don't be afraid to throw out or donate things you once loved — especially accessories.

    7. Try peel-and-stick tiles on your walls and floors for an entirely new look.

    8. Splurge on the sturdy stuff, save on the soft stuff.

    9. Add an island to your kitchen to make cooking so much easier.

    10. Float your furniture away from the walls for a cozier feel.

    11. Curtain the whole wall to make a window seem larger.

    12. And don't be afraid to pick luxe curtain fabrics.

    13. Choose uniform flooring and paint to create flow in an open floor plan.

    14. When you renovate your kitchen, think about your new appliances first.

    15. In smaller rooms, use temporary wallpaper or paint to make a statement.