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    13 Products That Are Perfect For Small Spaces, Straight From A Tiny-House Owner

    You really have to think about what you buy when you live in 362 square feet.

    Whitney Leigh Morris is the California-based designer and blogger behind the Tiny Canal Cottage, which offers a peek into the 362-square-foot Craftsman-style home she shares with her husband, baby, and two dogs.

    1. A few magnetic hooks to disguise your fridge with pretty and useful tools.

    2. Or a magnetic spice rack to use your fridge as storage space.

    3. A set of hanging baskets for a vertical storage solution.

    4. A coffee dripper that's the size of a mug.

    5. A cutting board that fits over your stove or sink to create extra counter space.

    6. A mobile scanner that eliminates any paper clutter.

    7. And a BackPack to store the scanner on the back of a Mac.

    8. A set of picnic baskets for an attractive storage solution.

    9. A BarkBath to save on a trip to the groomer and prevent a mess in the tub.

    10. A SodaStream carbonator to prevent bottle clutter.

    11. A rug that is as sturdy as it is pretty.

    12. A Gathre mat to protect your floors and surfaces from baby messes.

    13. A Dyson V8 Absolute that breaks apart and fits into a shoebox.

    When in doubt, give yourself 24 hours to consider if you really want or need an item before purchasing it.