We Can Now Call Rihanna The World's Wealthiest Woman In Music And I Think It Has A Nice Ring To It

    Forbes recognized her financial status today.

    Rihanna's achievements bridge multiple industries. She's won Grammys, acted in films, designed luxury clothing lines, and developed a wildly successful beauty brand, while investing in young creators at the start of their careers.

    Rihanna is photographed at the NAACP Image Awards in 2020

    As of recently, the multitalented star is also a billionaire, according to Forbes, which isn't necessarily shocking to learn but still. Whoa.

    Rihanna is pictured on a fire escape in the Bronx while filming a music video in July of 2021

    Rihanna's net worth currently stands at about $1.7 billion, according to Forbes' latest estimates.

    Rihanna is pictured applying makeup on the set of her music video

    Her 50% stake in Fenty Beauty reportedly accounts for the majority of that wealth, with the artist's Savage x Fenty lingerie company, popular music, and acting credits contributing as well.

    Securing billionaire status is a big deal for obvious reasons, and the distinction is particularly notable in Rihanna's case. She's now the wealthiest woman in music and second-wealthiest woman in entertainment, behind Oprah Winfrey.

    Rihanna is photographed wearing a green hat and sunglasses in New York City

    Those titles aside, it's pretty significant when anyone who isn't a man becomes a billionaire, since men still make up about 90 percent of the exclusive group. Of the 2,755 people who appeared on Forbes' annual billionaires list this year, just 328 were women.

    Rihanna is photographed on the red carpet at the NAACP Image Awards in 2020

    So, congrats to Rihanna for trailblazing her way into the billionaire boys' club. An aside, but when is she going to give us new music?!