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    Rihanna Says She's Releasing A New Song "Soon," And OMG, I Can't Wait

    "Just 1 tho."

    Rihanna does a lot of amazing things — which is partly why she hasn't released new music in, like, a long-ass time.

    Rihanna in front of Bergdorf Goodman in February 2020

    But we've been patiently waiting for new music from Rihanna, and thankfully, it looks as if our wish might be granted soon.

    When an Instagram user suggested that Rihanna should "celebrate" her latest music milestone "by releasing a song!" Rihanna replied, "I think I should," along with a "soon" emoji.

    "Just 1 tho lol," Rih was quick to clarify — meaning, it doesn't look as if the proper follow-up to Anti is coming anytime soon.

    Of course, this doesn't mean that a new album isn't in the works — in fact, Rihanna has previously teased that it's already finished.

    And it's not as if we haven't heard her on anything lately: Last year, she appeared on Canadian R&B singer and Drake affiliate PartyNextDoor's "Believe It."

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    Still, we want new music, Rihanna! And we'll certainly take what we can get, too.