Machine Gun Kelly Needed Stitches After Attempting To Impress Megan Fox With Tricks That Included A Knife From Travis Barker

    "I was like, 'Check this out. This is sick.'"

    There were multiple forces working against Machine Gun Kelly when he attempted, unsuccessfully, to lift his pal Pete Davidson off the Saturday Night Live stage last season. The rapper had previously sustained two separate injuries in close succession ⁠— one during a beer bong match with Post Malone, and another after trying to impress Megan Fox, who he'd recently started dating at the time.

    Thanks to Pete, we learned in September that a bruised coccyx ("the bone in your ass") was part of the reason his buddy MGK dropped him on camera while the SNL credits rolled.

    MGK smiling during a late-night TV interview while wearing a t-shirt with Megan's face on it

    But it turns out the musician had lost full range of motion in one of his hands, too, as he explained on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday.

    On the heels of his coccyx incident ⁠— which, very unfortunately, involved a spike and a staircase railing ⁠— MGK received a gift from his friend and collaborator Travis Barker to celebrate their upcoming album, Born with Horns.

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    It was an engraved knife, and MGK thought performing a trick with it for Megan was a nice idea.

    Needless to say, things didn't go as planned.

    "You know how you throw it up, and you're supposed to catch it?" MGK told Jimmy Fallon, as he reenacted a knife toss with gestures. "I looked at her, and I was like, 'Check this out. This is sick.'"

    "I threw it up," he explained, "and it stuck in my hand."

    MGK pointing to his hand where the knife got stuck

    MGK said he played it cool until Megan's eventual departure. "And then the next morning as soon as she left, I was like, 'Yo, I need stitches real quick.'"

    "I've got a bruised coccyx and a knife in my hand."

    See MGK recount what sounds like a string of extraordinarily painful ordeals here, or in the clip above.